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Volkswagen Group Ireland Future Sales Model


Volkswagen Group Ireland (VGIE) has announced the introduction of a new sales model from 2026. It will be geared towards customer needs, allowing for the move towards seamless online, physical and blended purchasing experiences. This combination of a state-of-the-art digital customer journey and a highly competent retail network will enhance consumer satisfaction and deliver a best-in-class retail experience. VGIE will sell new vehicles direct to customers across all six brands – Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Škoda, SEAT, CUPRA, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Audi.

The change in the business model will enable the entire purchase process to be digitalised, allowing customers to choose between physical purchases in a car showroom, digital purchases online and a blend of the two. When implemented, customers will be able to opt for a fully digital, online buying experience. Those who prefer a hands-on approach can still visit their local showroom or choose a blend of online and physical purchasing journeys. Ultimately, the customer decides which approach suits them, benefitting from maximum convenience and transparency every step of the way.

The Future Sales model offers a host of advantages. By digitalising the purchasing process, customers get maximum convenience while maintaining access to Volkswagen Group’s nationwide network of retailers. The new sales model allows the Volkswagen Group to establish a direct interface with its customers, ensuring all their needs are met. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance customer satisfaction and deliver the best retail experience in the industry.

Alicia O’Connor, Director of Sales Transformation and Customer Experience, says: “In every aspect of life, customers want faster, more convenient and transparent transactions. Irish customers are comfortable buying online. However, many still want the tactile experience of going to a showroom, getting into a vehicle and taking it for a test drive. With the Future Sales model they have the best of both worlds.”

Under the Future Sales model, Volkswagen Group Ireland’s future retailers will continue to play an integral role in the new vehicle sales process, taking advantage of increased efficiencies and the growth in online sales.

Boutin added: “I want to express my gratitude to all of our retailers for their dedication and partnership in serving their customers. Moving forward, our future retailers will remain a cornerstone of the business. At Volkswagen Group Ireland, we recognise the importance of digitalisation in the consumer experience. As Ireland’s premier automotive and mobility organisation, we are committed to delivering increased value, convenience and satisfaction to our customers. This direction is vital for taking our business to new heights.”