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The New Audi TT’s Interior


Audi will showcase its new TT interior this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The new Audi TT will be launched later this year. A key feature to the car’s interior is Audi’s new slimline instrument panel with a driver-focused display. The fully digital instrument cluster displays all the information directly in front of the driver, meaning that there is no need for a central MMI monitor. The controls for the air conditioning are housed in the air vents. Central to the virtual cockpit is a 12.3” TFT monitor which allows the driver to switch between two display modes, classic and infotainment.In the Classic view the speedometer and rev counter are in the foreground, while in “infotainment” mode, the virtual instruments are smaller. The space that is then created offers ample display space for functions such as the navigation map.