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New Renault Zoe Performing Well


New Renault ZOE Z.E. 50 topped the podium as Ireland’s number one electric car for with 14.5% market share last month. It’s easy to see why – the stylish and practical New ZOE is Ireland’s most affordable electric car from just €26,990 saving customers a minimum of €9,000 compared to other long-range electric cars (after VRT relief and SEAI grant) with a 395km range, thanks to a more powerful 52kWh battery. This is a car that will take you anywhere you need to go.

Renault’s New ZOE has been going down a storm throughout Europe in 2020. Although the overall market was down, New ZOE racked up a 50% sales increase in the first half of the year. The resulting 37,540 units put New ZOE in a commanding lead in the electric car market. ZOE has replicated its European performance here by coming in as Ireland’s favourite electric car for July.

New ZOE can also avail of fast 50kW Direct Current (DC) charging for the first time – 50 kW fast charging can add around 145km of range in as little as half an hour. ZOE remains the only car with standard 22kWh AC charging capability through the Chameleon Charger™ – making ZOE by far the most suitable electric car for Ireland’s public charging network.

Renault is bringing forward September’s 2% VAT reduction and giving customers €1,000 VATBACK on all New Renault ZOE models ordered in August. Customers can also avail of ultra-low car finance of 2% APR with Renault Bank, saving over €2,000 in interest compared to high street banks, and get a real 3-month payment deferral on August orders. Why wait until September?