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I was previously the proud owner of a Peugeot 205 GTI, for me, it represented Peugeot at their best, a car which was fun and exciting to drive. Will their all-new RCZ, a 2+2 Sports Coupe put back that excitement into their range?

Look at the RCZ from any angle, and it’s clear to see it’s an object of beauty. The striking double-bubble roof and rear window, aided by the sweeping chrome bars, provide the car’s sleek aerodynamic looks. Inside, the leather sports seats and leather-clad dash provide a luxury feel to the cabin. The leather sports seats are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional as they hold you in firmly.

There are two variants available in Ireland, a 1.6l turbo-charged petrol engine which produces a vigorous 200hp and a 2.0l turbo diesel that puts out a healthy 163hp. The latter being my test car. The purest in me would opt for the petrol model, whilst my head would go with the diesel. It simply makes more sense to choose the diesel model, which at €37,395 is just over €5,000 cheaper than the petrol model. Factor in €156 annual road tax and a combined fuel consumption of 5.3 l/100km and the numbers begin to really favour the diesel. The engine pulls well and has plenty of torque on offer which provides for decent acceleration, as well as refined motorway cruising. On the road, the RCZ feels confident with plenty of front-end grip. I particularly enjoyed the central driving position and positive steering, which has just the correct amount of weight and feel to it.

The list of standard specification on both models is extensive, and includes cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, climate control and 18” alloys amongst others.

It’s great to see Peugeot build a car once again, that shows just how good they are at producing great drivers’ cars.

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