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Michelin’s 30th Millionth Tyre Produced


Michelin is celebrating a milestone as the 30 millionth tyre rolls off its production line at its Ballymena factory inNorthern Ireland. This landmark occasion also marks the start of production of a new Michelin X MultiWay 3D tyre range for the truck market. The production facility in Ballymena covers 112 acres and employs over 950 people from acrossNorthern Ireland. It has a yearly capacity of 1.4 million truck and bus tyres, 95 per cent of which are exported globally. Commenting on the announcement Wilton Crawford, factory manager said, “This milestone marks a key stage in the company’s heritage in the area.   The skills, hard-working attitude, and constant commitment of our employees have been the backbone of the factory as we’ve adapted our manufacturing processes and flexibility to meet fluctuation in demand from different zones and markets.  We have also ensured that we remain at the forefront of product design such as with the new X MultiWay 3D tyre.  I am deeply grateful for our current site team members and our predecessors in Ballymena … all of these individuals have been the key in this significant achievement.”