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It’s not all that long ago when Moto GP bikes were producing 200 horsepower, now it’s possible to have close to this on a road-legal machine. Ever since its launch BMW’s S1000RR Superbike has taken on and beaten all the best the Japanese and the rest of Europe have to offer. They are also currently racing in the World Superbike Chamionship. And now, with thanks to BMW Motorrad, I’ve finally got my hands on one.

Finished in the €550 optional Motorsport colour scheme, the S1000 RR looks quick even at a standstill. A central ram air intake sits between the two front headlights, one main headlight and one smaller high-beam headlight. The asymmetry is carried from the front to the side fairings, which have been designed to direct hot air away from the radiators ensuring the engine doesn’t overheat. At the rear, the RR has a stylish tapered LED taillight, which is pretty much all that motorists will ever see. The S1000RR’s in-line four-cylinder engine features titanium valves and rocker arms to produce an astounding 193hp.

The S1000 RR is surprisingly comfortable on the road and yet so focused on track. A lot of this usability can be accredited to the high-tech suspension, its settings can be quickly and easily adjusted for compression and rebound using the ignition key and are colour coded for easy reference. The E-Gas electronic throttle control offers the rider four different riding modes, Rain, Sport, Race and Slick. In Rain mode the throttle response is less sensitive and power is reduced to 150hp, while full power is on tap in the remaining modes. This is certainly useful in wet conditions, especially if you haven’t chosen the €1,580 optional dynamic traction control with race ABS, which unfortunately my bike doesn’t have. Prices for the S1000 RR start at a very competitive €14,996.

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