I once stumbled across a quote from renowned designer Alberto Alessi.

He said, “More and more people buy objects for intellectual and spiritual nourishment. People do not buy my coffee makers, kettles and lemon squeezers because they need to make coffee, to boil water, or to squeeze lemons, but for other reasons.”       

I think we could all be guilty of making the odd purchase which was based more on desire and emotion than fulfilling an actual need. However, if what Alessi had to say holds any truth whatsoever, then Mercedes had better start making a lot more of their new C-Class Coupé. It may not be the most practical car on the market (it doesn’t even have a proper cup holder in the front) but to put it simply, it is a thing of utter beauty.


I was never all that impressed with the aesthetic qualities of its predecessor however this time round Mercedes has nailed it. This cars coupe proportions are near flawless. These days it’s rare for a coupe retain the masculine lines which the C-Class Coupé has in abundance. The C-Class Coupé is some 95mm longer and 40mm wider than the previous model.  With an 80mm increase in length, the wheelbase is notably longer too. The elongated bonnet, which suggested it may have been hiding a more performance orientated power-plant than the cars 170bhp diesel engine, is dominated by the brands large three pointed star. Our test car came in AMG-Line guise which, among other things, saw the addition of Mercedes’s chrome diamond-effect grille which compliments the sweeping Xenon lights perfectly. Wearing a set of 18” alloys, the Coupé sits 15mm lower than a regular C-Class. And while there really isn’t a bad angle from which to admire the Coupé, for me it was the side profile which stole the show. From here the long body lines run clearly across the front wings back towards the wide rear arches. The Coupés design team must have sat back and giggled like giddy schoolgirls after each and every pencil stroke. Stunning!


In terms of styling, the interior doesn’t disappoint either. In smart contrast to the glossy black exterior, the cabin came dressed in eye-catching ‘saddle brown’ Artico leather. The sport seating offered the right balance between comfort and support, while the flowing lines of the centre console, doors and dash tied in beautifully with the cars coupé proportions. The rear seating is real only suited for the smallest and most nibble of passengers, however they do at least get somewhere to put their coffee cups. In addition to the leather upholstery, heated front seats, satellite navigation, Parking Assistance and LED static lights are all standard features. The leather clad dash however is a very worth-while optional extra.


As I’ve already mentioned the Coupé which we had on test came equipped with the 220 diesel engine, however with petrol and diesel options ranging from the 1.6L C180 petrol all the way to the awesome AMG C63 S; there really is a C-Class Coupé for everyone. Such a vast and varied engine range is only possible because of the Coupés excellent chassis. The 220d variant on test was no slouch. In conjunction with the 9-G Tronic gearbox, the 170bhp on tap makes it possible for the C-Class Coupé to reach the 100km mark from a standing start in 7.5 seconds and will continue all the way to 234km per hour. Whilst those figures aren’t exactly earth shattering the 400Nm of torque available from the 2143cc engine meant it never felt underpowered. The automatic gearbox is very smooth and when in sport mode it’s even better. Mercedes-Benz quote some rather amazing fuel economy figures for the C-Class Coupé. According to them 4.1L per 100km is possible, which at first glance seems borderline ridiculous. I was very surprised to see that over the course of the week I comfortably was finding returns of well over 50mpg. Looks can be deceiving because you can guarantee that everyone you pass is smugly assuming the Coupé’s sporty physique is costing you a small fortune to run! Oh how wrong they are!


The Coupé handles very well on the road; it’s remains surefooted even on the most spirited of drives however true enthusiasts would probably prefer if there was a bit more weight to the steering. The C-Class comes equipped with a host of safety features too. And while its yet to be tested by the boffins at EuroNCAP, I’d be quietly confident that like its predecessor it should achieve the 5-star rating. Overall the C-Class Coupé, is the perfect example of the direction its German manufacturer is heading in. With a broad range of stylish, desirable and most importantly well-made new models, of which the Coupé is the perfect embodiment; Merc’s premium rivals had better be taking note!

Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupé

Body Type        2 door

Engine              2143cc diesel

Transmission     9G-Tronic Automatic

Top Speed         234 KM/h

0-100km           7.5 seconds

CO2                  109g/km

Road Tax           A3 – €190

Price from        – €44,550

Price as tested – €52,849