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Mercedes-Benz Diesel Incentive Launched!


Under an incentive scheme aimed at encouraging owners to switch to new more eco-friendly models, Mercedes-Benz in Ireland is offering a €2,000 changeover bonus towards the purchase of a new Mercedes-Benz. The offer applies to owners of EU1 to EU4 emissions-standard diesels. The discount, which is offered irrespective of the make or model the customer currently owns, is available on orders of new Mercedes-Benz diesel cars powered with EU6 emission-standard engines, as well as new Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrids. The incentive can be combined with government subsidies applicable to plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Owners of diesel cars with emissions standards EU1 to EU3 will receive additional financial compensation for the disposal of their used vehicle – amount to be determined by an independent body – which must, in turn, be set against the purchase of a new car. Owners of diesel cars with emissions standards EU4 will receive the trade-in price agreed with the dealership in addition to the €2,000 changeover bonus.Certain conditions apply – the vehicle must have been registered in the customer’s name for at least six months and the new vehicle must be registered before 31st March 2018.