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Time Running Out To Grab Touareg N1 Bargains


The clock is ticking for anyone who wants to get a hold of the last of the Touareg N1 Commercial models, which are 5-seater commercial vehicles that offer significant savings for buyers compared to the passenger version of these models.

The opportunity for buyers to avail of one of these N1 models ends on the particular date of July 30th, and not a day after, and the vehicles must be registered by or on this date. All of the examples that are left come with a technology pack with over €5,500 worth of kit for €1,499 and many of them come with the beautiful R-Line package too.

Compared to the full retail price of a passenger example of the same model, there is a total of €23,400 of savings to be made on many of these. They can only be sold to VAT-registered businesses and cost €62,925 including VAT.