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Volvo V60 Review


Volvo’s all-new V60 Sports wagon offers practicality with coupe-like looks. It’s a handsome car visually, the tapering rear roof line is attractive but reduces rear loading capacity. Volvo are quick to point out that if you want a lot of load space, buy a V70 or XC70. Orjan Sterner, head of exterior design for the new V60 says “from the design viewpoint, the focus was on making the car as close to a coupe as possible”.

The 163hp D3 diesel engine provides plenty of power, it accelerates rapidly, helped no doubt by the copious amounts of torque (400Nm) it delivers. There’s also an immense soundtrack from the five-cylinder turbo diesel, it’s the first diesel engine that I’ve driven that sounds better the more you push it. There is a 205hp D5 diesel variant should you require more power.

The V60 is rewarding to drive, its chassis is competent through the bends and reacts well when pressed. It’s the kind of car that will happily carry the kids to school during the week and yet offer you a rewarding weekend drive, it’s neither an estate car or saloon, but mixes both well to offer you something somewhere in the middle of the two.

My €42,730 SE grade test car comes equipped with Bluetooth, Park Assist and 17” Alloys. For an extra €2,550 you can have the SE LUX which grants you leather upholstery and active bending headlights. There is an R-Design model available priced from €38,620 for the 180hp T4 petrol engine. The R-Design model features enhanced styling and more dynamic driving characteristics over the standard cars. It stands out visually with the aid of 18” alloys and sits 15mm lower, pointing towards its sporting characteristics. The diesel engines will clearly outsell the petrol offering, with the D3 being the most popular and my choice pick.

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