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The AA Announce New Vans For Northwest


The Automobile Association is delighted to announce the return presence of the fully AA Yellow branded van in county Sligo. It has been just over 7 years since the AA had vans in this area.

The organisation now has three brand new fully yellow AA branded vehicles covering Sligo and Donegal.

“This is a great milestone. There is a big investment in the fleet, with close to 50% being replaced with new vans. This keeps our fleet updated with new technology and improved co2 emissions,” says AA Ireland’s Roadside Managing Director Simon Benson.

The remaining 13 new vans will be distributed to Galway, Limerick, Kerry and Cork and this will increase the AA’s branded presence in these areas.

The vans are Ford Custom Transits fitted with Compact Recovery Trailer (CRT) and the latest free wheeling hub to enable total lifting of vehicles.

“The new Free-Wheeling hub will and does form part of an EV solution for roadside recovery. Currently, if we need to recover an EV it has to go up on a flatbed truck. With the new hub, the transit can tow directly which will improve our service and also reduce third party garage costs. It also frees up our Flatbed trucks for other recovery jobs,” says AA Ireland’s Rescue Operations Manager Noel Keogh.

121,180 motor breakdowns were reported to AA Ireland in 2021. 30% of jobs were due to vehicles not starting, while 13% were due to a flat battery. December 2021 accounted for 9% of the year’s workload, likely due to weather conditions. The AA is warning motorists of the importance of car maintenance all year round, but especially during winter.