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TCX Boots for 2012


TCX is putting its best foot forward and launching the new 2012 footwear collection at the 69th International Motorcycle Show at ECIMA from 8-13 November. The new range from the Italian based company features two racing boots, a touring option and a female-specific model, as well as some old favourites from previous years.

A brand new model added to the racing line, the R-S2 is the first boot to feature TCX’s Precise Air-Fit System (P.A.F.S). Developed by the company’s Research and Development team, this offers the wearer a revolutionary precise fit system. Situated on the front of the boot, the air pump can be used to adapt the shape to an individual’s unique requirements. To remove pressure, there is a release system, which allows the air to be released quickly after use.

TCX’s Torsion Control (TCS) system has been given a face-lift and now has carbon fibre injected into the structure. The carbon reduces the weight of the boot, and increases the structural support; with added movement of the leg/foot and increases protection of the foot in the event of a fall. Another new feature is the MCS system, which uses the same concept as TCS. It has been designed to control up and down bending of the metatarsal, which is achieved with two stopping points designed to prevent any lesions to the joints.

R-S2 is available in white or black.

S-Sport Tour:
Another style added to the racing line is the S-Sport Tour, which replaces the SS Sport model. Similar in style to its predecessor, the S-Sport Tour has a light micro fibre upper with front and rear padding. For protection there are new polyurethane heel guards, a new ergonomic shin plate, shift pad and a new PU ankle insert. There is also a new interchangeable polyurethane toe slider, and an ultra light sole with adjusted grip.

S-Sport Tour is available in black and white.

There is also a waterproof version available in black.

X-Tour Gore-Tex:
A touring option, the X-Tour is finished in full grain leather with padded front and rear areas to increase comfort and flexibility. A new addition is the Adjustable Fit System, which features a double outsole. The inner section uses a special construction of open edges and an upper collar fitted with an elasticated band, to adapt perfectly to the shape of the leg. The inner part wraps round the calf and offers a wide range of adjustment. This can be adjusted for comfort with a Velcro band positioned on the side.

X-Tour Gore-Tex is available in black.

X-Square Lady:
For female feet there is the X-Square Lady, a stylish and practical boot for use under jeans. Made from suede with patent leather inserts, the boot also features a reinforced malleolus area, back counter and toe reinforcement. There is a laced closure with a Velcro top and a removable shift pad is included.

X-Square Lady is available in black.

X-Street Waterproof:
The X-Street waterproof is a sneaker inspired riding shoe, perfect for riding round town. Made from full grain leather with a waterproof lining, the boots have protective features such as malleolus protection and heel and toe reinforcements.

X-Street Waterproof is available in black.

Pricing for these boots has yet to be confirmed, further information can be found by visiting www.tcxboots.com