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smart #3 Preview


The latest addition to Ireland’s EV car park comes in the new smart #3 SUV Coupé just launched. Now available for viewing in selected dealer showrooms within the Mercedes-Benz network, the smart #3 will be a stylish stablemate for the recently introduced smart #1.

Another step in the revival of a brand fondly remembered by many for its adventurous 1990’s era approach to automobile design and innovation, the introduction here of the smart #3 is second in a sequence of smart EV models that its manufacturers, Germany’s luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz, and Chinese auto maker, Geely say: “will be the new premium intelligent all-electric auto brand’.

Echoing its smart #1 forerunner, the smart #3 comes in a choice of five versions initially: an entry-level Pro version followed by a Pro+ model, Premium model, a limited edition model and an exclusive smart #3 BRABUS edition. In the case of Pro+ and Premium editions, both models share the same attractive sporty appearance, outside and inside, with some slight feature variations that extend the choice available to customers.

Styled by renowned German luxury mobility ‘brand specialists’ of the same name, the smart #3 BRABUS is described as ‘a performance-oriented version likely to appeal to motorists who relish individualism and character’. Uniquely sporty in appearance, its appeal is reflected in its ‘racy’ paintwork, larger wheels, sporty pedals, and in a specially developed ‘engine sound’ with a distinctive motorsport resonance.

Some 4.4m long, 1.8m wide, 1.6m high, with a 2.7m wheelbase, the smart #3 is ‘visually distinctive’ thanks to its sporty coupé body, athletic curves and ‘shark nose’ front. Other adornments include its wide A-shaped grill, slim LED headlights, striking rear spoiler, 19” alloys, and frameless doors.

Inside, a floating centre console combines with high-quality design and elegant duo leather seats to create an ambiance of luxury. A high-resolution touch screen display houses a fully integrated infotainment system on which passenger comfort, driver assistance, radio and entertainment features can be operated. Other interior elements include a 13-speakers premium audio system, ambient lighting, a 9.2-inch HD digital instrument cluster, and a 12.8-inch HD centrally mounted touch screen.

Luggage capacity at 370-litres can be increased to 1160-litres when the 60:40 split rear seats are folded, supplemented by an added 15-litres ‘frunk’ storage space. Sleek, flowing body lines that house a panoramic glass roof enhance its coupé-like exterior.

Powered by an all-electric engine with rear-wheel drive, its 200kW performance delivers 343Nm of torque and a top speed of 180 km/h (112 mph). The 315 kW all-wheel drive BRABUS delivers 543Nm of torque and accelerates to 100 km/h from a standing start in just 3.7 seconds. Battery is a 66 kWh NCM unit delivering a maximum range of 415-455 kms (WLTP) with maximum charging capabilities: 22 kW (AC) and 150kW (DC) with charging times of 10-80% in under 3 hours (AC) and 10-80% in under 30 mins (DC).

Safety and security features include Matrix LED headlights, 7-airbags, an extensive driver assistance package with 360-degree camera, dedicated app and customisable infotainment, digital voice control, and connectivity interface features.

Said by smart to be a product offering ‘built to meet all driving needs in city and suburban environments, packaged in a stylish, sleek and sporty SUV coupé design’, the smart #3 range enters the market at €38,714 for the Pro design line. Destined to attract those who seek a dynamic driving performance coupled with the latest technology and peer-to-peer connectivity as a built-in part of the smart model offering, it is being marketed under the tagline ‘Think you know smart? Think again’.

For more information, please visit www.smartelectric.ie