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ŠKODA secured its place at the forefront of eco-driving with the introduction of its innovative GreenLine technology and fuel efficient range of vehicles recently.  With the cost of fuel continuing to rise, affordable motoring is at the heart of ŠKODA’s offering.

 On Monday 29th August 2011, ŠKODA put its GreenLine fleet to the test and challenged 10 Irish journalists to complete a unique team test drive of the ŠKODA GreenLine range over a 267 kilometers route of Dublin–Cavan–Longford–Dublin to assess the fuel efficiency of the vehicles across a mixture of national and regional roads and motorway driving.

 Working in groups, each team had the opportunity to drive the ŠKODA GreenLine Yeti, Fabia, Superb and Octavia across the designated route. The winning team scored a combined average consumption of 3.48 (81.1mpg) across the four models. The average across the four teams was 3.53 (80.1mpg) which underscores what can be achieved by combining ŠKODA’s efficient technology with economy driving. 

ŠKODA GreenLine Model Claimed Manufacturer’s Consumption Recorded Fuel Consumption
Fabia GL 3.4 l/100km 3.30/100km (85.6mpg)
Octavia GL 3.8 l/100km 3.58/100km (78.9mpg)
Superb GL 4.4 l/100km 3.55/100km (79.5mpg)
Yeti GL 4.6 l/100km 3.68/100km (76.9mpg)

Commenting on the results of the GreenLine Challenge, ŠKODA Ireland Marketing Manager, Ray Leddy said: “ŠKODA diesel models are renowned for their quality and fuel efficiency. The latest range of ŠKODA GreenLine models take efficiency to the next level and what better way to put them to the test than to conduct our very own eco-friendly team driving challenge. The GreenLine Challenge demonstrated that our eco-fleet can deliver an optimum fuel efficiency of 3.53/100 km over a 267 kilometers route.  With fuel prices continuing to increase, the GreenLine range is proving very popular as it’s not only better for your pocket, it also lowers environmental pollution.”

 Eco-friendly driving in Ireland has benefited hugely from the introduction of ŠKODA’s innovative GreenLine technology which delivers reduced CO2 emissions while maintaining driving performance.  GreenLine models produce less than 120g/km of CO2 placing them in ‘Band A’ which is the lowest possible road tax and VRT category resulting in annual road tax of €104.

The Octavia, Superb and Yeti GreenLine models are powered by a 1.6 TDI 105bhp diesel engine, while the Fabia receives a compact 3-cylinder 1.2TDI producing 75bhp. Both units  allow for efficient fuel consumption without compromising on agility.

 Intelligent technologies in the GreenLine range include a start-stop system and brake energy recuperation which reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.  Further efficiencies are achieved thanks to elements such as tyres with lower rolling resistance, modified engine control units, recommended gear feature and aerodynamic modifications to the body and chassis.

 In the ultimate test of fuel efficiency, economy driving world champion Gerhard Plattner drove a ŠKODA Fabia GreenLine from Austria to Denmark and back on just one tankful and achieved a record low fuel consumption of 2.21 l/100 km.