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Renault Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Renault 5


2022 is a year full of celebration to mark the 50th anniversary of Renault 5. A milestone in the brand’s history as this is a model that left its mark on the brand, the company, and an era.

The Renault booth at Retromobile 2022 is entirely devoted to paying tribute to the legendary icon. The floor plan echoes the R5 logo made for the 50-year anniversary.

The 820 m2 stand will be home to twelve historic Renault 5 model for visitors to explore. Original models, selected from the Renault Classic collection, take visitors on a journey through the history of Renault 5. From the 1972 ‘L’ model through to its 1990 descendant, the Supercinq Baccara.

Motorsports have always been part of Renault’s history. Renault 5 is no exception, with its sports and racing models elevating the design to that of an icon. A selection of legendary models is on display at the show.

Like a dialogue between the past and the future, Renault 5 Prototype and 1974 Renault 5 electric stand opposite each other. This is the first-time people in France will have the opportunity to discover Renault’s upcoming essential and popular electric car.

Sales of the upcoming electric Renault 5 will start in 2024. It will be made in France, at the Douai Factory, within the ElectriCity hub.