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Motorists Warned To Be Prepared For “Flat Battery” Tuesday!


Motorists across the country are being warned to avoid a nightmare post-Christmas return to work due to “flat battery Tuesday” on January 2nd. Research from Allianz Global Assistance Ireland, a leading roadside assistance provider, shows demand for jump-starts dramatically increase on the first day back to work after Christmas, due to cars not being driven over the extended holiday period. Allianz Global Assistance Ireland sees assistance calls across Ireland increase on average by 43% in January, as people get back to work after the Christmas break, and this rises by 55% in Dublin. The top breakdown in January is a flat battery, representing almost half (48%) of calls, followed by a wheel change (24%). Unsurprisingly, Dublin sees the most false starts on the first day back to work after the New Year, followed by Cork and Galway, with 22% and 10% of assistance calls, respectively. After flat batteries and a wheel change, the alternator (11%) is a top breakdown, followed by clutch (10%) and engine management unit (6%).

Roland Hesse, Allianz Global Assistance Ireland Country Manager, says: “We strongly advise motorists to avoid a “flat battery Tuesday” commuter meltdown this January. Every year we see an increase in calls on the first day back to work after Christmas because cars have not been used over the holiday period. We advise motorists to drive their cars at regular intervals over the break in order to keep the car battery charged, and to check on tyres to ensure the pressure doesn’t go down. This will help avoid stress on the first day back to work or on the school run.”

He added: “Going back to work after hibernating over the long break and then realising that your car won’t start that morning can make matters worse. Our advice is to be prepared and beat the post-holiday blues. Don’t leave it to the last minute to check that everything in the car is ok.”

Top 5 reasons for roadside assistance calls

(January 2017, source: Allianz Global Assistance)

Flat Battery 48%
Wheel Change (Puncture) 24%
Alternator 11%
Clutch 10%
Engine Management Unit 6%
Top 5 locations for roadside assistance calls on corresponding ‘Flat Battery Day’ in 2017 (source: Allianz Global Assistance, Monday, January 3rd 2016)

Dublin 55%
Cork 22%
Galway 10%
Tipperary 6%
Kildare 6%