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Motor Display Announces New Innovative Products


Motordisplay.com has launched three new products which will benefit Irish motorists. Motor Display has been supplying the Irish motor industry with point of sale, marketing, key control and workshop management systems for the past 25 years. Their new products are a diesel-only fuel cap, oil check and a new tax, insurance and NCT windscreen holder.

The diesel-only fuel cap simply replaces your existing fuel cap and has an adaptor that attaches to your existing fuel tank neck. This prevents you from accidentally putting petrol into your diesel fuel tank. This innovative product costs €52.50, further information including a video can be viewed by following this link http://www.motordisplay.com/news/news_fullstory.php?news_id=46

The oil check product enables a motorist to determine the condition of their engine oil and therefore the condition of an engine and other components. You simply place a drop of oil from the engine onto a chemically impregnated pad, the oil reacts to the pad and by comparing to a chart supplied, you can tell the quality of the oil. The oil check can also be used on transmission oil, brake fluid and power steering fluid. The cost of a test card is €10.95, with four available for €24.95.

Motor Display’s tax disc holder has been designed to be re-useable and will not sag like the traditional stick-on holders. This tax disc holder, along with all the other products can be found by visiting www.motordisplay.com