The Mercedes-Benz EQS has to currently be the epitome of luxury electric vehicles. With a sleek and stylish design, it’s clear that Mercedes pulled out all the stops with this one. Taking inspiration from the traditional S-Class the EQS boasts incredible technology and safety with the range and performance to make it a viable option for both daily commuters and long distance road trips. As the flagship model for the automaker’s EQ line of electric vehicles, the EQS sets a new standard for luxury EVs with its advanced technology, impressive performance, and elegant design. With a clear goal to have a fully carbon-neutral fleet within 20 years, EQS designers have introduced a ‘modular’ construction method for future battery-electric vehicles to follow.  Its cab-forward design and coupé-like appearance complement its all-electric look, as do its lights, black panel front, wheels, under-body and other aerodynamic elements.


The interior of the EQS is a work of art, with a minimalist design and a range of high-tech features. The car’s massive digital dashboard display provides all the information you need at a glance, while the advanced voice control system allows you to easily control the car’s various systems with just your voice. Noticeable also on interior trim, wheels, and fascia is a Mercedes-Benz ‘pattern’ design based on a three-dimensional star motif first featured on a 1911 Daimler trademark. The EQS also features a range of luxury amenities, including heated and ventilated front seats, a 15-speaker premium sound system, a panoramic sunroof and a special charcoal filter that cleans incoming air. If this package isn’t luxurious enough you might enjoy one of the ten different massage programmes on the front seats! 


The EQS is powered by batteries made in-house by Mercedes-Benz, which they claim have ‘better charging performance and significantly higher energy density’ the EQS will be available in three model variants: a rear wheel drive EQS 450+ and EQS 500 4MATIC+ all-wheel-drive version with dual motors and the flagship EQS AMG 53. Thanks to exceptional aerodynamics and lightweight components the EQS can actually travel up to 770 kms (WLTP) with a power output of up to 385 kW and a quoted top speed limited to 210km/h. This puts the electrical consumption at 19.1-16.0kWh/100km and 20.0-16.9kWh/100km for the 450+ and 580 4MATIC+ models respectively, which is very impressive. The car also boasts fast charging capabilities, allowing you to charge up to 80% in just 35 minutes. 


The Mercedes Benz EQS comes equipped with a variety of advanced safety features such as Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC with route-based speed adaption, Active Steering Assist with emergency assist, Active Parking Assist with 360-degree camera, and Blind Spot Assist with exit warning function. It also features nine airbags, including a knee airbag for the driver and one for the front passenger. Additionally, it has a comprehensive driver assistance package that includes features like Active Lane Keeping Assist, Route-Based Speed Adaptation, and Evasive Steering Assist.


Prices vary depending on your engine choice and specification but demand is expected to focus on the standard EQS 450+ which is kicking off at €136,945. Naturally there are various tailored finance packages available through your local dealer. 


On the road, the Mercedes Benz EQS is a joy to drive. It handles corners with ease and its precise steering makes it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. Despite its impressive performance and range, the EQS is as expected, super quiet, allowing you to enjoy the drive in peace and comfort. With 350 sensors constantly monitoring the functions of the EQS as well as driver eyelid movements and language you feel like the vehicle becomes your personal assistant and not just a car! Overall, the Mercedes Benz EQS is an exceptional car that sets a new standard for luxury EVs. With its advanced technology, impressive performance, and elegant design, the EQS is sure to be a hit with drivers who demand the very best from their vehicles.