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Lexus CT200h


Lexus in my opinion have succeeded in what they set out to achieve with their CT 200h, a hybrid premium C-Segment car with class-leading emissions and fuel economy that’s strong enough to take on BMW’s 1 Series and Audi’s A3. The CT has just 87g/km CO2, which equates to €104 annual road tax.

TheLexus Hybrid Drivepowertrain delivers 136hp from the combination of its 1.8 litre petrol engine and 60kW electric motor. The power is delivered to the car’s front wheels via an E-CVT transmission, which provides silky smooth gear changes. At low speeds there’s barely any noise from the CT’s electric motor, when you accelerate the petrol engine fires into life to generate the extra power requested. You can choose between four driving modes, each offering a different driving experience. In EV (Electric Vehicle) mode the car runs solely on its electrical motor, while ECO mode adopts a relaxed driving style. I spent the majority of my time driving the CT inNormalmode which strikes the perfect balance between fuel efficiency and performance. If you’re after performance the Sport mode certainly brings the car alive. Once selected the instrument dials are illuminated in red and the ECO meter changes to a more traditional rev counter. The Hybrid system increases power to the electric motor by 150 volts, while the throttle and steering responses are sharpened for a more engaging drive.

Inside is where the CT really excels, especially in the top-spec €32,450 Executive grade which I drove. The fit and finish is top-class, with a quality feel to all the materials used. You sink into the luxurious leather seats rather than sit on them. The fuel efficiency of a hybrid (3.8l/100km) combined with the practically of not needing to be concerned about recharging the batteries, makes the car more attractable to me over a full electric vehicle.

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