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Ireland’s First Ever Dedicated Bio-CNG Refuelling Self-Service Station


There’s good news for businesses today who are looking to make the transition to more sustainable, cleaner fuel for their heavy goods vehicles. Flogas, part of DCC plc, is today announcing the official opening of the Republic of Ireland’s first ever dedicated Bio-CNG refuelling self-service station.

Flogas, a commercial and industrial energy supplier and supplier of renewable biomethane to transport in Ireland, said this new self-service station will support large companies who want to make the switch to Bio-CNG and reduce their Scope 3 emissions.

Located at FoodCentral in St Margarets North Co. Dublin, this 2,900 square metre site can refuel up to 50 HGVs per day from one dual sided high-speed dispenser. When the station is at full utilisation, it will cut over 9,000 tonnes of C02 emissions per annum compared to diesel fuelled HGVs.

The news comes after the Government recently published its new National Biomethane Strategy to support the delivery of up to 5.7 Tera Wat Hour (TWh) of indigenously produced biomethane by 2030. Bio-CNG will support the decarbonisation of Ireland’s road haulage sector, responsible for 20.7% of the total road transport emissions in Ireland.

The renewable fuel for the station will come from Irish and European anaerobic digestion (AD) plants. Flogas is the only energy supplier in Ireland approved under the Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme for the supply of Bio-CNG. The Renewable Gas Certification scheme ensures transparency and accountability, as the biomethane will be meticulously tracked in the supply chain.  This dedicated Bio-CNG station is another renewable market first for Flogas having already been the first energy supplier in Ireland to supply biomethane through the gas network to Diageo in 2020.

Speaking at the official opening, Minister of State at the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications Ossian Smyth TD, said: “Renewable fuels are an important transition measure for transport decarbonisation until we realise the shift to zero emission solutions. The supply of biomethane for transport is incentivised under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation Scheme and the recently published Biomethane Strategy recognises that biomethane can be used as an alternative in heavy goods transport. Flogas’s Bio-CNG refuelling station can play a role in supporting businesses who choose to reduce their carbon emissions using Bio-CNG.”

As we stand at the forefront of Ireland’s sustainable energy revolution, Flogas is proud to unveil the Republic of Ireland’s first ever dedicated Bio-CNG refuelling self-service station,” said John Rooney, Managing Director at Flogas.Bio-CNG represents not just a fuel, but a promise—a promise of a greener, more efficient future for commercial transportation. Bio-CNG for heavy goods vehicles can cut carbon emissions by up to 90% and can reduce the lifetime vehicle costs compared to diesel vehicles, which is in line with DCC’s strategy – Cleaner Energy in Your Power. We would encourage any business thinking of making the switch to Bio-CNG to get in touch with our dedicated team of energy experts at Flogas,” he added.

Operated by Certa, a sister company to Flogas, this self-service station will offer convenient access to Bio-CNG 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It will support companies with existing Bio-CNG HGV fleets and those looking to make the switch.

Flogas already supplies renewable biomethane to four Circle K refuelling pumps across Ireland. As experts in gas distribution, Flogas saw an opportunity to provide a well to wheel solution for the transport sector.

This is a new business division and Flogas plans to roll out more Bio-CNG stations with its industrial and commercial customers in the future, to support them with their Scope 3 emissions reduction plans.

The new Flogas Bio-CNG refuelling self-service station is supported by Gas Networks Ireland’s Causeway project, which has to date delivered a network of high capacity fast-fill CNG stations nationwide, developed a renewable gas injection facility, deployed a fleet of CNG vehicles and made a CNG vehicle fund available to businesses in Ireland.

Demand showing strong growth

Gas Networks Ireland’s latest gas demand report shows that demand for renewable gas in transport from Ireland’s road freight sector is continuing to show strong growth – in May 2024, demand for this low carbon alternative to diesel saw another significant year-on-year increase, up 28% on the same month last year.

Gas Networks Ireland’s Head of Business Development, Karen Doyle said:

“We are delighted to support Flogas in the opening of the Republic of Ireland’s first dedicated Bio-CNG refuelling station, part of our Causeway Programme, which will play a significant role in reducing carbon emissions from the commercial transport sector. With three more public stations in development, we are delivering a network of stations offering a low carbon fuel alternative to diesel for Ireland’s commercial fleet.”

If you are a large enterprise and would like to learn more about how you can switch your fleet to sustainable Bio-CNG, please call 01 884 9400 or email enterprise@flogas.ie