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Ford’s Electric Vehicles Due By 2014


Ford is launching three electrified vehicles by 2014, with the introduction of the Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid, Mondeo Hybrid and the Focus Electric. Ford is the manufacturer of the second-highest number of hybrid vehicles in the world and the company’s share of the electrified vehicle market has quadrupled in the past year in the U.S., where Ford recently announced electrified vehicle sales of about 46,000 units this year through June – more than 400 per cent increase compared with a year ago.

The Ford Focus Electric which will arrive in Ireland in early 2014 features an advanced electric motor and lithium-ion battery powertrain to deliver 142hp, with a driving range of 162km. The car can be charged in 3-4 hours from a 32 amp grid connection. The C-MAX Energi is Ford’s first production plug-in hybrid, it will run in pure electric mode for more than 30km and can be recharged in less than 3 hours. The Mondeo Hybrid combines an internal combustion engine with an electric motor and battery. It’s capable of driving up to 136km/h on electric power alone.