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Five-Star Safety For SEAT Tarraco


The all-new SEAT Tarraco, which launched in Ireland just last month has achieved a five-star safety rating from testing organisation Euro NCAP. This continues the brand’s tradition of developing vehicles that not only meet the needs of a diverse consumer base, but also offer the safest vehicles on the market. The news comes following the recent announcement of Axel Andorff as SEAT’s new executive Vice-president for R&D. Euro NCAP’s testing procedures become more rigorous and demanding each year, as the safety body increases the number of tests annually. All aspects of the vehicle are examined, measuring the ability to protect both adult and child occupants, vulnerable road users while also evaluating more advanced safety assist systems.

The Tarraco SUV achieved the highest level of safety possible in the consumer protection body’s series of tests. It went through meticulous testing to determine its safety credentials. Adult occupant protection is established through tests including frontal impacts that use a 40% overlap and a full width rigid barrier as well as a side barrier and pole impact. Added to this are whiplash tests and autonomous emergency braking, (AEB), tested across a wide range of speeds and vehicle overlaps. For child occupant protection three main aspects are assessed: the protection from the restraint system, how well the vehicle accommodates child restraint systems of various sizes and, finally, provisions in the vehicle for the safe transport of children.

The SEAT Tarraco wasn’t just developed to protect those inside the vehicle, a huge amount of importance was placed on safeguarding vulnerable road users too. Euro NCAP’s test also looks at the potential risk of injury to a pedestrian or cyclist’s head, pelvis and legs and what can be done to mitigate or prevent any impact. Add to this the assessment of the most important driver assist technologies to support the driver, and how they may improve safety, and Euro NCAP’s programme is all encompassing. On each occasion the organisation judged that occupants and road users were well protected should an accident occur; The SEAT Tarraco scored 97% for adult protection, 84% for child occupant, 79% for vulnerable road users and 79% for safety assist

“The Tarraco achieved an outstanding safety rating in Euro NCAP’s demanding tests, a result that reflects the emphasis we placed on safety when developing our largest SUV, and our commitment to guaranteeing the highest level of both active and passive safety in all the models we produce,” said Luca de Meo, President of SEAT.

The SEAT Tarraco was developed to offer supreme safety to both its occupants and other road users, making it the benchmark among its competitors for safety. Achieving this combines the accumulated knowledge acquired through the development of past SEAT vehicles and integrating the latest safety technologies. The SEAT Tarraco offers a plethora of safety systems based on a mixture of sensor data, allowing the SUV to see the road ahead like never before and adapt appropriately. Systems including Emergency Assist, Blind Spot Detection and Exit Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition, Traffic Jam Assist and Light Assist as options, while it has also introduced two new safety systems for the first time: Pre-Crash Assist and Rollover Assist.

The Pre-Crash Assist system can react in just 0.2 seconds should it detect an accident is about to happen – tightening the seatbelts, activating the hazard lights, rolling up the windows and closing the sunroof – helping protect the passenger compartment. Rollover Assist, a rollover detection system, if activated, will activate the curtain airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners. Add to these Front Assist with bicycle detection, lane assist and Emergency-Call and the SEAT Tarraco stands head and shoulders above its competitors in the large SUV market.

Niall Phillips, Brand Director at SEAT Ireland said “Safety is always at the forefront of the design and engineering process of our vehicles. The excellent safety rating we’ve received on the Euro NCAPs for our first seven seater SUV the SEAT Tarraco, is a testament to the high priority we place on the safety of our customers. We are delighted to receive recognition of this on a European level”.