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Easytrip Call To Action For 212-Registration Period


With current sales figures from the SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry)* highlighting 2,767 new car registrations in June compared to 1,006 last June, mobility solutions specialist, easytrip, Ireland’s only electronic parking and tolling tag provider, are anticipating an increase in vehicle change of ownership numbers in the coming months. Easytrip is reminding customers to update their account details if buying or selling a vehicle during the 212-registration period to avoid receiving any unnecessary toll charges.

Two potential scenarios that can lead to motorists paying an unexpected toll charge are:
Selling your old vehicle: if you have sold your old vehicle and inadvertently left your tag in the vehicle and have not updated your toll tag account, the new owner may continue to use your tag at most barrier toll plazas, with the bill connected to your account.
Buying a new vehicle: if you have bought a new vehicle and transferred your existing tag to it but forgot to update your account details, you will risk receiving a toll bill (billed at the higher rate) and penalty charge if you have travelled through the M50 toll plaza as your new vehicle registration is not yet connected to your toll tag account.

Growth in electric car sales
Increased interest in electric vehicle ownership continues to rise with a year-to-date growth of 129 per cent highlighted in the recent SIMI statistics*. This is supported by easytrip research of 11,000 customers which revealed that 47 per cent of drivers were considering the purchase of an electric vehicle, up from nine per cent in 2019.

“Whether you are buying a petrol, diesel or electric car or indeed selling your current car during the 212-registration period we want to remind motorists to update their easytrip account details to avoid being penalised indirectly. As we advance with motorists choosing electric vehicles, having a cashless payment solution with the use of the easytrip tag for toll payments gives customers added peace of mind. In addition, those driving electric vehicles can avail of the EV toll incentive scheme that offers up to a 75 per cent refund.” said Colin Delaney, CEO of easytrip.

Easytrip customers can log onto their account at www.easytrip.ie to update their details or by calling easytrip directly on 1890 67 67 68. Signing up to an easytrip tag account is simple, customers save €1 on M50 toll fees and avoid incurring M50 toll fines for non-payment within the specified period. Customers with electric vehicles can avail of the EV toll incentive scheme which offers a refund of up to 75 per cent on Irish toll roads. Easytrip also offers additional services to customers including carwash , parking service and vehicle assistance.