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An Post Goes Electric with Renault Kangoo Z.E.


Renault Ireland is continuing its positive approach to the introduction of its Z.E. electric vehicles across Ireland, with the recent announcement that An Post will trial the Renault Kangoo Z.E. van. They will drive the Kangoo Z.E. for the next 12 months and compare its running costs in terms of fuel efficiency and maintenance to its traditional diesel alternatives. An Post has over 2,700 vehicles in its fleet and use in excess of 7.5 million litres of diesel annually which equates to a fuel cost of approximately €10 million.

Commentating on the announcement, Eric Basset, Managing Director of Renault Ireland said “We are delighted to launch this trial with An Post, the first of its type with the Renault Kangoo Z.E. in Ireland. The data established will be of great benefit to other companies looking at incorporating Renault EVs into their fleet as we have best offering of electric vehicles in terms of price, choice, benefits and range. The Renault Network of dealerships in Ireland is fully trained in all aspects relating to electric vehicles from technical training to sales and after sales training. Ireland is an ideal test bed in terms of the size of the country, as the average daily commute is less than 40km, the incentives are in place and the vehicles are now here and ready to drive”.

Pictured above is Dublin Post woman Caroline Doyle who will be driving the new Kangoo Z.E. on her delivery route from today, Monday 12th March. Pictured with her are Eric Basset, Managing Director, Renault Ireland and An Post Chief Executive, Donal Connell.