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All New Dacia Sandero & Stepway Arrive


The all-new Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway has arrived to Ireland. The Sandero has been the bestselling car in the retail market in Europe since 2017, with almost 2.1 million cars sold since 2004. The new Stepway is Ireland’s favourite version of the Sandero representing over 60% of all Sandero sales in Ireland. Dacia has revamped the popular Sandero and Sandero Stepway range, with this new second generation model for Ireland continuing to meet the needs of customers at an affordable price. While the same external dimensions remain, they are more modern, more practical, robust and simple. The updated Sandero models offer enhanced levels of quality and technology.

With a new platform, there are more features including increased active and passive safety systems, new engines including a Bi-Fuel petrol engine which can also run on LPG, a new automatic transmission and new six-speed manual. Our engineers have developed these vehicles from the ground up to provide tangible benefits to our customers without increasing the price. All of the new features are wrapped up in a sophisticated, contemporary exterior design with refined details such as LED lights with distinctive signatures and clever new wheel designs. Furthermore, a completely revamped interior with enhanced materials offers a more premium feel and greater refinement.

Dacia leads the way in offering sensible and realistic new cars perfectly aligned with the real expectations of its customers. Its range of simple, spacious, reliable and robust vehicles with no unnecessary frills are offered at the best price on the market. More buyers are taking an increasingly pragmatic approach when shopping for a new car. From the beginning, Dacia has fulfilled customer needs by offering drivers essential cars at a fair price. The All-New Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway still come at the most competitive price on the market, giving customers greater access than ever to the best value cars on sale.

For the new Sandero Stepway, a 174mm rise in ground clearance ensures a muscular, confident stance, set off by a unique grille with Stepway logo and black body cladding with metal skid plates. It also debuts patented versatile modular roof bars that can be turned into a roof rack capable of carrying up to 80kg, giving customers greater practicality than ever. These features are an example of everything Dacia stands for: clever, practical, simple and reliable. All versions of the All-New Sandero and Stepway feature LED lighting with a new Y-shaped LED signature at the front, and cleverly designed LED-effect four-element lighting signature at the rear, contributing to the car’s contemporary look. Not only do the new front lights add character, but they also illuminate more of the road ahead – with an increase of up to 37 per cent in beam length and 9 per cent beam width.

The interior of the Sandero and Stepway have been significantly enhanced with a sophisticated new dashboard design and more premium materials. The designers have intelligently created an all-new interior by prioritising what’s important to customers and investing in those areas during development. As a result, the interior of both models come with improved ergonomics for better comfort, refinement, and greater robust finish, while continuing to offer the practicality of a supermini at the price of a city car. The boot has increased in size to 328 litres and passengers also have more space to put their belongings, with up to 21 litres of storage space dotted throughout the cabin. The seats split and fold (depending on the specification) to expand the spacious boot area further to a total capacity of 1,108 litres.

The range of engines available in All-New Sandero and Stepway are compliant with Euro 6D-Full standard which came into effect on 1 January 2021.

  • SCe 65 (Sandero only): naturally aspirated 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine paired with a five-speed manual transmission
  • TCe 90: turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder unit paired with a CVT automatic transmission
  • TCe 100 Bi-Fuel: new LPG bi-fuelled turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder unit paired with a six-speed manual transmission

Dacia is also the only car manufacturer to offer LPG and petrol Bi-Fuel options across its entire range of passenger cars. The cars are converted in the factory, guaranteeing safety and reliability with the LPG tank located in the spare wheel well and filling nozzle next to the petrol filler. This means there is no compromise in practicality. Running on LPG, the All-New Sandero Bi-Fuel releases on average 11 per cent less CO2 emissions than an equivalent petrol engine but is also capable of travelling more than 800 miles when utilising both petrol and LPG tanks – 50 litres for petrol (the same capacity as the tank on petrol-only variants) and 40 litres for the LPG tank. The manufacturer warranty period, servicing costs and frequency are the same as the petrol versions too.

The adoption of the CMF modular platform means the All-New Sandero and Stepway gain the latest driver assistance systems and safety features, while the equipment levels have expanded. Dacia has included technology in line with customers’ expectations, with new multimedia options at the heart of the more premium interior, along with a number of new features that improve comfort and convenience.