Land Rover Ireland recently took up residency at the exclusive Lansdowne Place, Ballsbridge to give clients and the media an opportunity to see the new Range Rover SV up close. With exclusive design details and material choices throughout, the new Range Rover SV from Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) will offer greater levels personalisation than ever before. As we know the Range Rover even in standard trim is a remarkable vehicle, boasting luxury, performance, and off-road capability in equal measure but as part of Land Rover’s (SVO) division, the SV models represent the pinnacle of Range Rover craftsmanship and engineering.

The Long Wheel Base SV maintains the timeless and elegant design cues that have defined the Range Rover for some time but with an exclusive front bumper, five-bar grille design and ceramic roundel badging, you quickly realise you are in the presence of the flagship model!

Opening the drivers door and you are greeted by a waft of fine leather and wood from the sumptuous and spacious cabin. It is here you can really see Special Vehicle Operations’ expert craftsmanship which, runs from the interior wood veneers, optional mosaic marquetry on the centre console to stunning stitching on every trimmed seat or panel. Seating comfort is paramount in the Range Rover SV, with ample space for passengers to stretch out and relax, whether in the front or rear seats.

The seats themselves are supremely supportive, with multiple adjustments and heating/cooling functions available to ensure personalised comfort for every occupant. There is also a comprehensive suite of infotainment and connectivity features at your fingertips. The centrepiece is the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system, which combines dual high-definition touchscreens to control everything from navigation and media playback to climate settings and vehicle functions. Intuitive gesture controls and voice recognition further enhance the user experience, allowing for seamless interaction with the vehicle’s myriad of features.

Powering the new SV is the familiar P460e Plug In Hybrid that combines Land Rover’s 3.0-litre six cylinder petrol engine with a 31.8kWh battery feeding a 105kW (141bhp) electric motor to deliver ‘up to 100 kilometres’ of pure electric driving with CO2 emissions around 16g/km. Land Rover reckons that typical Range Rover customers will be able to complete 75 percent of their journeys on electricity alone. Although we didn’t get a chance to drive the SV, we have experienced this 454hp engine in the past and it delivers a smooth and powerful ride cruising on the motorway with ample power to tackle any terrain.

Naturally off-road ability is a hallmark of the Range Rover lineage, and the SV PHEV is no exception. Its advanced four-wheel-drive system, coupled with Terrain Response technology, enables it to tackle challenging off-road obstacles with confidence and ease. Whilst we don’t see many wanting to risk scratching those 23-inch forged SV wheels, it is nice to know it has the capability! 

So the big question is price? What is one willing to pay for such craftsmanship and will many sell here in Ireland? Well if people have the €4 million plus for an apartment in Landsdown Place right up to the €7.2 million euro apartment we found ourselves in for the launch of said SV, the entry price of €233,030 might not sound so bad. Add to this the Signature Suite Veneer Club Table that pops up for passengers in the rear, on board fridge, event suite tailgate which gives you an outdoor music experience that has to be seen to be believed, and you will pay €276,670 for the vehicle we got to view.

While it may come with a premium price tag, for those who demand the very best, the SV is probably worth every penny. From its striking exterior design to its lavish interior appointments and advanced technology features, the SV will offer a truly premium driving experience that is both indulgent and somewhat environmentally responsible thanks to its hybrid technology. We just hope to experience one from behind the drivers wheel someday!