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SEAT Provides Electric KickScooters & SEAT Alhambra Vehicles


SEAT Ireland has announced it has supplied The Mater Hospital with a fleet of SEAT Alhambras as well as SEAT eXS KickScooters to assist frontline healthcare workers and patients during the COVID-19 crisis. The SEAT Alhambra vehicles will be used to aid in the transportation of patients and means that neither the hospital staff nor patients will have to rely as much on taxi services over the coming weeks. The vehicles will be used by hospital staff to transport patients who have been discharged from hospital back to their homes safely.

As well as this, a fleet of SEAT eXS KickScooters are being used by staff who need to get from their homes to the hospital and back to ensure they keep their physical distance.

Commenting on the announcement, Niall Phillips, Brand Director at SEAT Ireland said “We are happy to be able to assist The Mater Hospital with the use of these eXS KickScooters and vehicles and hope this gesture will benefit both hospital staff and patients. Speaking on behalf of everyone at SEAT Ireland, I would like to thank them for their tireless work in keeping us all safe during these unprecedented circumstances.”

Alan Sharp, CEO of Mater Hospital added “SEAT Ireland has shown incredible support to the Mater Hospital in helping us meet the Covid-19 challenges.  The scooters are benefitting staff who normally use public transport and the cars will facilitate the safe and socially distanced transfer of patients to and from the hospital. We would like to thank SEAT Ireland for their support and partnering with the hospital to make a difference.”