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New Personalisation Options For Taycan


More extensive personalisation options and new advanced technology features are among a range of new customer choices available to order on the Porsche Taycan from now on. The Taycan is the first purely battery electric Porsche sports car and since first going on sale last September has wowed customers and enthusiasts with its combination of an authentic Porsche driving experience and scintillating performance from its innovative 800 volt drivetrain.

Most distinctively, the 2021 model year offers a selection of seven new exterior paint colours: Mahogany Metallic, Frozenberry Metallic, Cherry Metallic, Coffee Beige Metallic, Chalk, Neptune Blue and Ice Grey Metallic. These are completed by a broader interior colour palette including Blackberry and new two-tone options for the leather and leather-free upholstery choices. In addition, Exclusive Manufaktur and custom tailoring options have been extended to include contrasting leather seat centres and contrast stitching.

Already established as a benchmark technology leader in its segment, the Porsche Taycan broadens this further with a range of selected technical enhancements to hone the driving experience and add further customer satisfaction. These include optimised battery performance and improved charging. Additional innovations include features that can be flexibly booked online via a new Functions on Demand (FoD) service, and the option of a head-up display in colour.

In the case of the Taycan Turbo S, the battery optimisation sees the car’s outstanding acceleration values improve further still. With Launch Control, it now can sprint from 0-124 mph in 9.6 seconds, undercutting the previous time by 0.2 seconds. It covers the quarter-mile in 10.7 seconds (previously 10.8 seconds). As before, the Taycan proves its performance capability multiple times in succession without any drop in performance, which is typical of a sports car.

Charging while preserving the battery is a further new function. It can restrict the charging capacity at suitable charging points (e.g. Ionity high-power 800 volt charging stations) from the maximum 270 kW to around 200 kW, when customers are planning to take a longer break from driving. Drivers can select the desired charging mode on the central display.

Additional new intelligent charging functions are available in conjunction with Mobile Charger Connect and Home Energy Manager. These include the power guard function, which is now capable of preventing an overload of the domestic connection, as well as optimised charging with energy produced domestically. This function enables the Taycan to charge using solar energy generated by the home. Once the freely configurable, minimum battery charge level has been reached, the system consumes only solar energy that is not required by the building.

When introduced into the UK in 2021, Plug & Charge will further simplify charging at Ionity fast charging stations: Taycan drivers merely have to plug in the charging cable and charging is underway. Authentication data is saved in the vehicle. As a result, the charging station automatically identifies the connected vehicle; the communication between the infrastructure and the car is encrypted. Payments are then also processed automatically. Plug & Charge is already operational at Ionity charging stations in Europe, and will roll out to the UK and Ireland next year.

A head-up display in colour is now available as an option. This projects information directly into the driver’s field of vision. The display has been divided into the main section, status section and one to show temporary content, such as calls or voice control commands. A navigation display, power meter and a user-defined view can also be selected as pre-sets.

A new Smartlift function is installed now as standard where adaptive air suspension is specified. This enables the Taycan to be programmed to automatically be raised in certain, recurring road sections; increasing ground clearance at speed bumps or on garage driveways, for example.

Via the new FoD customer service, Taycan drivers can purchase various convenience and assist functions as required. What distinguishes this approach is that it works after having made the purchase and complements the sports car’s original configuration. Thanks to online, over-the-air updates it is not necessary to visit a Porsche Centre workshop.

Active Lane Keep Assist keeps the vehicle in the centre of the lane with continuous steering intervention – also in congested traffic. InnoDrive individually adapts the vehicle speed to the conditions ahead, taking note of speed limits, bends, roundabouts, and situations where you have to give way or stop, all in typical sports car fashion; the driver remains in command of the car at all times. Both functions are available for a monthly fee or as an outright purchase option.

Power Steering Plus operates on the basis of vehicle speed. It provides greater steering assistance for low speed manoeuvres, and reacts directly and accurately at high speeds. This Function on Demand is available for a lifetime fee and is not available as a monthly option.

Customers can choose whether they purchase these respective functions for their Taycan outright or subscribe on a monthly basis. Customers benefit from three test months if they opt for a subscription. After registration and selecting the desired function(s) in the Porsche Connect Store, and providing a connection can be established, a data package is sent to the Taycan via the mobile phone network. Drivers are notified by the Porsche Communication Management (PCM), and activation takes a few minutes.

Wireless phone charging is also additionally available, which complements the wireless Apple CarPlay now introduced to the Taycan. Lastly, coincident with the new model year, the Taycan 4S now features heated front seats as standard.