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Smart Re-Enter Irish Market With Electric Vehicle #1


Look who is back! Smart one of the most iconic and fondly-remembered names in motoring history has returned to the market with the arrival here of the all-new, fully electric smart #1. As its name suggests, this will be the first model in a sequence of EV models that its manufacturers say is destined to be ‘the new premium intelligent all-electric auto brand’.

Bearing the intriguingly new and trendy ‘smart #’ hashtag branding – as will others that will begin to follow shortly – the new smart #1 edition takes its place in what is a vibrant EV market in which emotive factors such as model choice, design and comfort features rank alongside specifications, technical attributes and value are influencing factors.

With the additional element of ‘prestige’, the smart #1 comes on the market in a choice of four versions: an entry-level Pro, followed in turn by a Pro+ and Premium editions, and by an exclusive smart #1 BRABUS edition designed to attract the eye of owners who enjoy their motoring with added pzazz.

In the case of Pro, Pro+ and Premium editions, all share the same attractive appearance, outside and inside, with some slight feature variations that extend the choice available to customers. In the smart #1 BRABUS edition – styled by the renowned German ‘luxury mobility brand specialists’ of the same name – its unique bespoke styling points to the ‘difference’ that the smart #1 BRABUS has in store for buyers – reflected in its unique badging and appropriately finished bodywork trim and sports styling, in its distinctive interior in harmony with its exterior allure, and in its ‘zero-to-wow’ acceleration.

Destined to have an across-the-board appeal, not least amongst those attuned to the technology and peer-to-peer connectivity that comes as a built-in part of the smart model offering, the smart #1 range will be marketed through a number of dealer outlets within the Mercedes-Benz passenger car network and will enter the market at €37,479 for the Pro design line.

Visually engaging, the smart #1 emits a ‘big car’ feeling of outer size and interior spaciousness. Standing 4.2m long, 1.8m wide and 1.6m high on a 2.7m wheelbase, its frameless doors, generous  glasswork, 19” alloy wheels and panoramic glass roof all contribute to create a sense of openness and all-round visibility.

Inside, a floating centre console combines with a superior use of space and the absence of unessential elements to create an ambience of luxury and prestige. A high-resolution touch screen display houses a fully integrated infotainment system on which passenger comfort, driver assistance, radio and entertainment features can be operated.

Other interior elements include a premium audio system with 13 speakers, ambient lighting with 64 colour choices and 20 illumination levels, a 9.2-inch HD digital instrument cluster, and a 10-inch head up display. Luggage space is 273-litres, increasing to 411-litres. Rear seats split 60:40 with 13-cms forward adjustment and slide feature for variable cargo space. Additional is 15-litres forward storage space.

Powered by an all-electric engine with rear-wheel drive, it delivers 200 kW (272 PS) performance with max torque of 343Nm and a maximum speed of 180 km/h (112 mph). Battery is a 66 kWh NCM unit delivering a maximum range of 420-440 kms (WLTP) with maximum charging capabilities: 22 kW (AC) and 150kW (DC) with charging times of 10-80% in under 3 hours (AC) and 10-80% in under 30 mins (DC).

Safety and security features include Matrix LED headlights, Y-shaped front and rear light bands, 7-airbags, and an extensive driver assistance package, dedicated app and customisable infotainment, AI-based voice control, connectivity, and 3D user interface features.

Being marketed under the tagline ‘All electric. Never silent,’ and pursuing what smart calls ‘an exciting new path with operations moving at full speed’, its arrival here is said by them to ‘fit within a global-wide smart expansion plan that includes an objective to establish some 300 sales and service outlets across 13 European markets’.

For more information, please visit www.smartelectric.ie