Here at the we do like a good 4×4 and we have always liked the Land Rover Discovery. For many years the DISCO was our choice of workhorse thanks to its load capacity and many times over the years we attended car events loaded with magazines and merchandise. With this in mind we were delighted to take a test drive in the latest variant earlier this year. What we have here is the all-new Discovery Commercial 5.

This vehicle was launched with either a 240hp 2.0-litre SD4 turbodiesel or the 258hp 3.0-litre TD6 turbodiesel. The 3.0-litre TD6 was replaced by a newer 3.0-litre SD6 with 306hp in mid-2018 and this is the engine powering our test vehicle. Trim levels remain as S, SE and HSE, all offering decent levels refinement and comfort.

All Discovery Commercial models come with an eight-speed automatic gearbox, high- and low-range gearing, air suspension, powered outer and inner tailgate, touchscreen multimedia infotainment system and all of the latest safety gear including Land Rovers renowned Terrain Response system for challenging off-road conditions. So what is it like to drive and live with? Well naturally the Discovery is a very nice place to be inside. All Commercial versions get leather upholstery and 12-way electrically adjustable seats along with a fully adjustable steering wheel.

The ride is sublime on the air suspension and it feels nothing like a commercial vehicle on the road. During our drive we were up and down to Belfast from HQ loaded with magazines. You would be surprised what weight is in a pallet of magazines but it didn’t even offer a challenge to the Discovery. With 700Nm of torque and over 3 tonne towing capacity, this beast can move. On start up the air suspension automatically adjusts itself for the weight and you are off.

The view from the drivers seat is commanding and the reverse camera makes it not only easy to park but also to hitch on a trailer. Loading the rear is made easy by the automatic tailgate. Simply hit the key fob and the bi-folding tailgate opens to reveal 1,856 liters of boot space. There is a protective mesh screen behind the driver and passenger to stop cargo intrusion and the Discovery 5 retains the full size spare wheel underneath. We enjoyed our time with the new Discovery both on the road and off road.

We didn’t give it to much hardship off road but we know how good these things are. You would have to be trying very hard to get stuck, even on road tyres! What we find amazing is that even the most extreme arctic truck versions of the Navara, D-Max and Amarok will only wade through 800mm of water. Adjust the air suspension up on the Disco 5 and it will do 900mm as standard! It’s phenomenal piece of machinery and it’s not hard to see why we already have so many on Irish roads.

The only one gripe we have is the position of the rear registration plate. On past Discovery models it lent itself very well to the square plate and never looked out of place. This new variant wears the rectangular plate a little more awkward off to one side. It makes the rear look very tall and plays with your OCD! The good news is that many companies are now offering a center plate correction kit. We wonder will Land Rover take heed of this when it comes to Discovery 6 time?

Discovery Commercial Spec

Engine Size – 3.0 litre

Fuel Type – Diesel

Power – 306 hp

Torque – 700Nm

Acceleration 0-60mph (0-100km/h) – 7.5 seconds

Top Speed – 130mph (209km/h)

Consumption (Combined) – 7.5L/100km

CO2 Emissions – 198g/km

Road Tax – Commercial €390

Price – €69,495