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Why Your Car Insurance Must Contain Windscreen Cover


Some drivers often wonder if it is necessary to have a windscreen cover. After all, they are extra careful while driving. If you have this same concern, you’ll need to remind yourself that accidents happen irrespective of how careful you are while driving.

Being a good driver only helps to reduce the risk of an accident, but it does not eliminate it. That is one reason out of several reasons why your car insurance must include a windscreen cover.

Similarly, because of the busy; nature of some of the roads in Ireland, windscreen damage is almost unavoidable and could leave you with severe consequences, especially when you have to replace it with a new one.

Moving on, here are top reasons why your car insurance must contain a windscreen cover:

1) Importance of Windscreen Cover?

Imagine that you are driving and minding your business when suddenly a car in the opposite direction to you kicks up a stone from the road straight to your windscreen.

So, what? Well, if you had a Windscreen Cover, you would not have to worry at all because it covers the cost of replacing and repairing your damaged windscreen and usually extends to the other windows and sunroof of your vehicle.

You’ll only need to notify your insurers by filing a claim.

2) The Effect Of Windscreen Damage On Your No Claims Bonus

Having car insurance that has a windscreen cover will mean that when you make a claim for your damaged windscreen, it should not affect your no claims bonus.

If you are not sure; however, you can seek the help of your insurance broker. Then you will be able to tell whether to pay for the damages or if you are at the risk of losing your no claims bonus.

If you have to pay, the amount will be less than the original amount you’ll have spent on a new windscreen or repair. The effect on your no claims bonus will depend on your insurance policy.

Hence, it would be a good idea to go through different insurance quotes for cars, especially before renewing your present policy, and compare car insurance quotes to avoid any future problems.

3) A Damaged Windscreen Could Get You Into Legal Troubles

Failure to repair your damaged windscreen could get you into trouble with the law. A small chip or hairline crack on your windscreen can be overlooked, but when it begins to obstruct your vision while driving, then the Road Safety Authority in Ireland could fine you for falling short of their technical and road use standards.

Similarly, if you fail to attend to the windscreen by replacing or repairing it, your car insurance could become invalid.

4)The Effect Of Your Windscreen Cover On The National Car Test(NCT)

Repairing or replacing your damaged windscreen is far more economical than accepting to manage it.

During your National Car Test, your vehicle could fall short of the vehicle inspection program because of the damage in your windscreen, and when that happens, it would mean that you will not be able to drive around Ireland as you would have loved.

If you have a Windscreen cover in your car insurance policy, a cracked windscreen will be a walk over for you, and you will be able to fix it on time.

Your windscreen should always comply with the Code of Practice BS AU242 and BS AU251, so check that you are not breaking the rule.

Here Are Effective Ways To Reduce The Risk Of A Windscreen Damage

  • Consciously reduce the speed you travel at while driving. By doing so, when a stone hits your windshield, the damage would not be as much as when you are driving at top speed.
  • At least once every year, ensure that you change the wiper blades of your vehicle.
  • As much as it is impossible to prevent Windscreen Damage, you can reduce the risk by parking your vehicle in a safe location.  Avoid parking your car under a tree as well, because the branches could fall off and damage your windshield.

With these precautions in place, you will reduce the chances of windscreen damage.

However, to ensure that there is no delay in repairing or replacing your windscreen, the smartest and more economical way to go about it is to ensure that your windscreen cover is included in your car insurance.