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Turning The Journey Into An Adventure


The unexpected star of a glossy 220 page coffee table book is a unique bright green Amarok which travelled over 18,500 miles through 16 European countries to experience the best off-road tracks and trails available on the continent.

From Sweden to Gran Canaria, from the Ukraine all the way to Portugal: the Amarok Adventure Guide presents 16 off-road routes with varying levels of difficulty. Whether it’s a tunnel inside a mountain in Bulgaria, a Swedish snowscape or a desert in the East of Germany, the Amarok Adventure Guide presents some of the most beautiful landscapes along these routes.

Each chapter of the book is dedicated to a route in a different country, with details of the location and specific off-road challenges, plus a dose of history, culture and cuisine. An additional section on the vehicle itself, plus ten top off-roading tips and ‘the making of’ complete the volume.

While in the UK, the Amarok passed through the 2,000 hectare Sweet Lamb complex in Montgomeryshire, Wales. It’s where Volkswagen topped off 12 titles in four years in the Polo R WRC back in October 2016 at the Rally Great Britain, the climax of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC).

The Amarok coped well in the ample mud that Sweet Lamb provided when the book team came to Wales, thanks to its four-wheel drive and axle articulation, plus stable ladder frame and after-fit snorkel. A ‘full Welsh’ breakfast and a cosy pub, recommended by Sweet Lamb manager, Jon Bennett Evans, top off the UK chapter.

The Amarok Adventure book team comprised the author, a photographer, videographer and a professional off-road driver. Their results can be seen in the book – available from sellers including Amazon – while the stunning videos can be viewed here – http://amarok-adventure-guide.dkcp.de/