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Suzuki introduces Swace in the Republic of Ireland


Suzuki will imminently launch the new Swace in the Republic of Ireland, a stylish and versatile Estate Car with an athletic design, smooth and stable ride comfort and advanced hybrid performance. The Swace is supplied to Suzuki by Toyota Motor Corporation under a collaborative business agreement between the two companies. It is based on the Toyota Corolla Hybrid Estate platform with signature design changes and is manufactured in the UK with exports to Europe.

Highlights of the Swace
Designed with a low centre of gravity, the Swace stands out with its wide stance and powerful rearward-flowing body lines, matched to a sporty front face with sharp bi-beam LED headlamps.

The large grille aperture and strong fog lamp bezels are inherited from Suzuki’s signature sporty design which together with the front bumper positioned low to the ground creates an overall impression of stability. The grille mesh and fog lamp garnish both feature a honeycomb pattern with a painted black finish to further accentuate its sporty feel.

Dynamic and athletic exterior design
The exterior design of the Swace fuses stable and functional estate styling with sporty aesthetics. It’s stance, condensed upper body proportions and flared bumpers convey on-road stability, while the dynamic rearward flowing lines in the windows and shoulders give an impression of athleticism.

Further exterior features include integrated roof rails for simple roof carrier mounting, a sculpted rear door that is constructed of lightweight resin to enhance fuel efficiency, and sporty and sophisticated 16-inch alloy wheels.

Standard specification is high and includes Seven airbags, Dual Zone automatic air conditioning, seven-inch LCD colour information screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto device connectivity, heated front seats, heated steering wheel, heated front screen, eight-inch centre dash touchscreen, rear parking camera and Dynamic Radar Cruise control.

Body colours
Swace is available in seven different colours – White Pearl Crystal Shine, Super White, Precious Silver, Black Mica, Dark Blue Mica, Phantom Brown Metallic and Oxide Bronze Metallic.

Versatile interior design
A ‘less-is-more’ approach has been taken inside the Swace, with an elegant yet simple interior design that focuses on spaciousness, comfort and practicality.

Contributing to the sense of openness inside the cabin is a wide instrument panel designed with continuous lines that dynamically flow to the door trim. A combination of soft padding and chrome or silver accents throughout the cabin highlight the overall quality and elegance of the interior.

Interior functionality
Swace is equipped with an 8-inch multimedia audio system with AM/FM/DAB radio, Bluetooth® function, and controls on the steering wheel for ease of use. The system is compatible with Apple CarPlay for iPhone, as well as Android Auto™ and MirrorLink™ for compatible smartphones.

Two USB terminals are fitted as well as an AUX terminal within easy reach of the driver and front passenger.

Crafted with comfort and practicality in mind, the interior offers a feeling of open and comfortable spaciousness and generous luggage capacity to suit a variety of lifestyles and recreational needs. The cabin offers versatility and comfort to support the active lifestyles of both its driver and passengers and with a generous tandem distance of 928 mm between the front and rear seats, the rear cabin comfort and legroom is one of the best in its class.

S-FLOW Control – Air conditioning
Fitted as standard equipment, this feature optimises comfort and fuel efficiency by using a detection control function to ensure that air conditioning is only provided to occupied seats. It also takes the set temperature, ambient temperature, interior temperature and sunlight into account to maintain cabin comfort.

Luggage space

The large 596-litre luggage compartment provides ample room for a variety of luggage or recreational items. For added versatility, the rear carpeted floorboard can be placed in a lower position to store taller objects and is also reversible with a resin backside that can be used for stowing wet or dirty items. The compartment can be easily expanded into a fully flat space by using the remote folding lever to fold down the second-row seats, which creates a total loading space of up to 1,606-litres. Privacy needs are addressed with a detachable tonneau cover that can be retracted with a single touch, and the luggage compartment is equipped with auto-illuminating lights and DC12V accessory socket for added convenience.

Hybrid performance

The hybrid system combines a powerful electric motor with a 1.8-litre petrol engine exclusively designed for hybrid system use, delivering a seamless driving feeling with powerful acceleration as well as excellent fuel economy and low emissions. The hybrid system optimally drives the Swace with the motor, engine or both depending on driving conditions.

EV drive mode

Leveraging its high output motor and large battery capacity, the Swace is equipped with an EV drive mode function. In EV drive mode, the vehicle is driven solely by its electric motor with power supplied from the battery. This mode can be used for driving short distances without having to worry about noise or emissions, especially in residential areas early in the morning and late at night, or in garages and indoor parking lots.

Drive mode select

The drive mode select function allows the driver to adjust the vehicle’s performance to suit driving conditions. The Swace is equipped with three modes – NORMAL, ECO or SPORT.

NORMAL mode:
Provides an optimal balance between ride comfort, stability and fuel economy, and is suitable for normal driving.

ECO mode: Helps the driver accelerate in an eco-friendly manner and enhance fuel economy through more gradual throttle response and minimal air-conditioning use. This mode is useful during stop-and-go city driving.

SPORT mode: Controls the hybrid system to provide quick and powerful acceleration, making it suitable for when agile driving response is desired, such as on winding roads.

Advanced driving assist functions
Fully equipped with advanced safety features, the Swace offers confidence and peace of mind for both driver and passengers and includes:

Pre-Collision System (PCS)
Fitted as standard equipment, PCS helps prevent collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists by monitoring the road ahead with a millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera to apply braking assist and automatic braking if needed.

If the vehicle becomes involved in a traffic accident, this system alerts emergency services with a phone message that includes the precise vehicle location. The message is generated automatically when in-vehicle sensors detect a crash and can also be sent manually by the driver or any passenger with the press of a button.

Lane Tracing Assist (LTA)
When the LTA determines that an unintended lane departure is likely to occur on a Motorway or marked public road, it assists steering operation to keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)
DRCC automatically maintains ample distance with the vehicle ahead, including stopping the vehicle when the preceding vehicle comes to a halt and then following it when it restarts.