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Renault Group Update


Renault Group has strongly increased its worldwide sales: +9% compared to 2022, with a total of 2,235,345 vehicles over the year. The Group demonstrated a successful dynamic with three of its core brands growing significantly.

    • Renault brand: 9.4% growth with 1,548,748 vehicles sold worldwide in 2023. Renault is the best-selling French brand in the world. In Europe, Renault recorded an excellent growth and outperformed the market: +19.3% compared to 2022.
    • Dacia brand: 14.7% growth with 658,321 units sold in 2023. This performance is the result of Dacia’s strong new brand identity, structured around its 4 pillar models, all of which are growing compared to 2022.

Alpine brand: 22.1% growth with 4,328 vehicles sold.In Europe, the Group benefited from its products offensive by gaining market share: volumes up 18.6% in a market up 13.9%

  • Renault Group moves up to the 3rd place among car manufacturers in Europe, thanks to three strong, complementary, and value-creating brands.
  • The Group’s retail sales represent 65% of its total sales in its five main countries in Europe, in line with the commercial policy focused on value. 
  • Renault Group pursues its electrification offensive. In line with customer needs, the Group has made technological choices that are paying off and is accelerating its efforts in terms of energy transition.
  • Within the Renault brand, demand is growing for electrification – hybrid and all-electric. In Europe, the brand is stepping up its offensive, taking 3rd place in electrified vehicles thanks to Megane E-Tech electric, which has a 2,2 % market share of all-electric vehicles, and the success of its hybrid powertrains for which demand is strongly increasing (Austral, Clio and Captur in the top 10 hybrid vehicles in Europe).
  • Dacia Jogger HYBRID 140, on sale since January 2023, represents more than 25% of Jogger customer orders. Dacia Spring, 100% electric, holds on to its place in the top-three European retail electric vehicles sales.
  • The Group’s order book in Europe represents 2.5 months of forecast sales at the end of December 2023. 
  • 2024 will be a year rich in commercial launches with 10 new models, key to the Group’s performance.