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Polestar & Alexander Stutterheim Present The Wool Express


Marking the festive season, Polestar, the Swedish electric performance car brand, has collaborated  with fashion designer Alexander Stutterheim for a timely project. Alexander Stutterheim is the founder of the eponymous raincoat brand that took the world by storm when launched in 2011, as well as his latest adventure, John Sterner. John Sterner is a slow fashion knitwear brand with its entire supply chain and manufacturing facility located in one area, on the small, wind battered island of Öland, off the Swedish coast. On a simple patch of land, Stutterheim keeps a flock of sheep, and right next to it, his “Flagsheep store”.

The wool is turned into timeless, iconic pieces of warm, cosy knitwear – perfect holiday season gifts. With strict Covid regulations on visiting shops in Sweden in place, Stutterheim decided to offer personal home deliveries to customers who ordered clothes from his web shop. Looking for a sustainable way of doing so, he approached Polestar.

This led to the Wool Express. A Polestar 2, charged with green energy, left Öland last week with a trunk full of woolly scarves and jumpers, headed for customers in the Swedish capital.

Stutterheim places emphasis on “slow fashion”: locally sourced materials, timeless design, respect for the environment, attention to detail and more mindful consumption. “We’re trying to be an open, holistic brand,” he says of his eco-luxury knitwear line, “one that challenges the mass production industry’s values.”

This appreciation for detail, timelessness, and greater sustainability is what led Stutterheim to Polestar in the first place. Looking for a greener method to deliver products to customers, Polestar’s design-led sustainability ethos echoed with his values. Polestar believes that open collaboration leads to innovation.

“At Polestar, we challenge the old notions of what premium means in the car industry. In Polestar 2 you’ll find vegan WeaveTech upholstery and reconstructed wood instead of leather and chrome, but we also hold our entire supply chain to high standards to address sustainability in all directions.” says Maximilian Missoni, Head of Design at Polestar.

Polestar believes that designing timeless products to have a longer life cycle will reduce consumption and prolong a product’s usability, whether in automotive or in fashion.