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Petrol & Diesel Prices Again On The Rise


Petrol and Diesel prices are once again rising across Ireland, according to the latest fuel prices survey from AA Ireland. Despite a reduction in duties on fuel, the average price of Diesel now stands at 194.6 cents per litre, with Petrol 191.9 cents on average, with some premium Diesel products over €2 per litre as Oil Prices have gone past $110 per barrel*.

In March, Minster Pascal Donohue announced a temporary reduction in the excise duties on petrol and diesel. Excise was reduced by 20 cents per litre on petrol and 15 cents per litre on diesel. Most of these reductions have broadly been wiped out due to increasing oil prices.

High Running Costs
According to Paddy Comyn, Head of Communications for AA Ireland, the cost of running a car is now significantly higher than last year.

“At the current petrol price, it costs, on average almost €2,000 per year just to fuel a diesel car, €530 more than last year and over €2,300 to fuel a petrol car, over €480 per year more than last year. Recent reductions to the cost of public transport are very welcome and should be availed of by those that can, but there remain many people without a proper alternative to their car,” says Comyn.