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Parking Perfection With Škoda


Drivers of the Škoda Enyaq will have one less thing to think about when they arrive home thanks to the fully electric SUV being able to ‘train’ itself to park completely autonomously. Trained Parking is one of many innovative parking features to appear on a Škoda for the first time, making the Enyaq one of the most parking-friendly cars available, as Škoda research reveals a large percentage of motorists have given up parking in a space because they found it too difficult and deciding to try their luck elsewhere.

Its introduction on Enyaq, alongside Intelligent Park Assist, as part of the optional Maxx Package, will be perfect for the millions who have suffered a parking prang in the past, as the research showed many have bumped into another vehicle when getting into a tight spot, or damaged a wheel or tyre while parking.

How Trained Parking works
Trained Parking enables drivers to autonomously park perfectly in any location familiar to the vehicle, whether on the driveway, in a garage, nearby street parking or a location that the driver regularly uses.

The Enyaq is a quick learner, too, as drivers will only need to perform the parking manoeuvre manually once as the car will store the entire route, surroundings and parking position in its memory. From then, every time the driver arrives home, or another familiar point recognised by the car, it can park automatically with pin-point levels of accuracy.

When initiated, Trained Parking is completely autonomous with the car controlling the steering, braking and direction of travel (forwards or backwards). The Enyaq’s sensors will also continuously monitor its surroundings, detecting any objects or pedestrians and helping to avoid collisions with them. In addition to Trained Parking, Enyaq drivers also benefit from Intelligent Park Assist.

How Intelligent Park Assist works
Intelligent Park Assist aids the driver when parking in both parallel and perpendicular parking spaces, the former the nation’s least favourite parking manoeuvre according to Škoda data, receiving a thumbs down from many respondents. After finding an appropriate parking spot, the driver can activate the feature at the touch of a button, choosing whether to move forwards or backwards into a regular bay parking spot or just backwards for parallel parking.

All the driver needs to do is activate the indicator and manage the accelerator, while Intelligent Park Assist does the rest, controlling the steering, braking and direction of travel. All of these features are available as part of the Maxx Package on SportLine Plus and vRS models. With a large portion of motorists identifying parking assistance systems will be a must-have when searching for their next new car, these option packages were introduced as part of a raft of range enhancements for the 23 Model Year, simplifying the buying process for customers and offering generous specification options across the line-up.