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New EV Charging Solutions


Electric vehicle (EV) charging platform Monta, have announced a new partnership with Nevo, one of Ireland’s EV marketplaces. The partnership will provide smart charging solutions at different residential and commercial sites, with the first installs happening at two separate residential apartment blocks in Dublin. Nevo will use Monta’s platform to manage the charge points allowing end users to benefit from pricing flexibility, accessibility, billing and utilisation features such as queueing, reservations and scheduling. Monta’s announcement comes as Nevo plans to manage and install hundreds more charging points across Ireland in 2023 in response to experiencing a surge in demand for smart charging solutions from apartment complexes, workplaces and fleets across the country.

Commenting on the announcement, Ricky Hill, Country Manager for Monta in Ireland said:
“Monta looks forward to working with Nevo in building a seamless user experience for EV drivers and stakeholders across the country. This partnership marks an important step in providing equal access to prospective EV drivers no matter where they reside or live in the country. Being a European market player, we understand the need to service different residential locations such as apartment blocks. By joining forces with Nevo, Monta will be the one stop shop for EV drivers and charge point owners.”  

Monta’s app and charge point management systems will help with Ireland’s EV transition by eliminating the need to connect with multiple providers, thereby improving the overall user experience. As part of the partnership Monta and Nevo plan to offer their integrated EV solutions to benefit companies, fleets, county councils and utilities with the install and management of their charging stations.

Also commenting on the partnership, Derek Reilly, General Manager at Nevo said:
“Monta’s integrated software solutions are a stand-out USP for the EV market here in Ireland that will allow charge point owners the opportunity to better manage their installs giving end users more options and flexibility when plugging in their EVs to charge points across the country. We are excited to roll out our joint EV platform solutions to apartment residents in Dublin and expect to see the partnership grow to service commercial sites, fleets and rentals.”   

Monta and Nevo both launched in the Irish market last year. Nevo lists every available full-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle on sale in Ireland alongside its install service for EV charging points. Monta’s EV platform is designed to enable easy management and monitoring for charge point owners, while on the front end its app for EV drivers will allow anyone to top up via Google Pay and Apple Pay.