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News likely to appeal to motorists seeking an eco-responsible tyre that will save money and increase range is the announcement from French tyre maker Michelin that its new e.PRIMACY has hit the shelves.

Billed as the first tyre produced by them which they say will be carbon-neutral at the time of purchase, the new e.PRIMACY is now available in Ireland in a range of sizes, ranging from 15 to 20 inches.

Amongst the many advantages attributed to it is a 27% reduction in rolling resistance compared to norms in its category. This equates to a 0.21-litre per 100kms average saving in fuel use which, after 35,000kms travel, will amount to a cost saving in cash terms of around €80.

Over the life of the e.PRIMACY, Michelin estimates it will deliver a 174kg reduction in CO2 emissions, a benefit that would increase by a further 7% when used on an electric vehicle.

To achieve carbon neutrality at the point of purchase, which takes into account emissions from raw material extraction to delivery to the customer, Michelin says that coupled with an efficient manufacturing processes, it has invested in projects that avoid, absorb or offset carbon emissions.