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Keep Safe On The Road This Winter


As cold weather conditions set in, mobility solutions specialist, easytrip, Ireland’s only electronic parking and tolling tag provider, is advising motorists to get their vehicle winter ready for the extended darker hours and more hazardous driving conditions in the coming months. While current restrictions may limit car use and distance travelled, taking a short trip to the shop, on the school run, or to check in on a vulnerable relative or loved one means that your vehicle remains in use and having it winter ready is an advantage to all drivers.

Here easytrip outlines the top winter driving tips for motorists:
Regular vehicle checks: on a weekly basis check the condition of wiper blades, that all vehicle lights inside and outside are working, that the oil and anti-freeze levels are sufficient including the water levels. In addition, check all tyres (including the spare tyre) for any concerning defects such as small cuts or bulges.
EV drivers – check your battery levels: make sure you have sufficient power for the full length of your journey and check that your charger is working efficiently.
Keep windscreen clean: this includes your rear screen, side windows and mirrors also. Ensure that any debris, ice, or condensation is gone from the windscreen before you drive off.
Keep your distance from the car in front: when driving always remember to keep the recommended distance between you and the vehicle in front – a minimum of two seconds in dry conditions and four seconds in wet.
Daytime running lights: ensure that your vehicle is lite up correctly and visible on the road to all road users. This means switching on your daytime running lights (DRLs) (if they are not active) and using your dipped lights (if you don’t have DRLs) even before darkness has fallen as it ensures that all road users see you.
Switch on fog lights if driving in fog or heavy rain: ensure that you switch on your fog lights and drive slowly when visibility is poor. If necessary, turn on your hazard lights to alert drivers following behind.
Watch out for other road users: ensure that you leave the recommended space for cyclists while driving and be aware of pedestrians, especially in poorly light areas and nearby schools.

Colin Delaney CEO of easytrip says: “Ensuring your vehicle is in road worthy condition makes for good winter driving for the essential purpose you need to travel for, regardless of how short the journey may be. Leaving your car parked for long periods of time can cause problems so taking the time to check your vehicle regularly, at least once a week will ensure that it is at its optimum working condition. Should you identify any concerns make sure you contact your local garage for assistance. By maintaining your vehicle now, it will be of benefit to you in the long term for when restrictions ease and longer journeys can be taken.”

Easytrip offers breakdown assistance, puncture repair and car wash services and provides a parking service with the use of the easytrip tag at various locations nationwide including Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Kilkenny, Limerick and Waterford and can be accessed with the easytrip App. With the easytrip tag drivers can also pay for their tolls and save €1 on the M50 toll fees. For more details visit www.easytrip.ie or call 1890 67 67 68.