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Easytrip Battery Saving Tips For EV Owners

With new electric car sales accounting for 13.5% of the marketplace, the move to electric vehicles is progressing. The good people in Easytrip have reached out to us here in Rev.ie after uncovering some interesting insights and habits of EV owners including tips for conserving battery power, primary charge locations and average charging times.
How to conserve battery power
Six tips that electric vehicle owners can consider for conserving battery power were highlighted as part of the Easytrip research, with time management being a top trait for EV drivers. The six tips were as follows:
  1. Timing charge for days driving requirements (59%)
  2. Driving at lower speeds (35%)
  3. Only using AC or heating when necessary (30%)
  4. Maximising your regenerative braking (if applicable) (29%)
  5. Maintaining tyre pressure (26%)
  6. Not overloading vehicle e.g., roof rack, boot (19%)
Primary location for charging
Unsurprisingly, an EV drivers main charge location was at their home, which was followed by the following locations:
  • Charging point at work
  • Charging point at on-street parking space
  • Other local charging point e.g., fuel station; shopping centre
Average charging time
When asked the length of time an EV owner charges their vehicle for on a typical day, the standard was highlighted as three to six hours for 33% of the survey respondents. This was followed by 29% who charged their car for one to three hours and 17% for six to nine hours, just 9% charged their vehicle for 9 plus hours and this was dependent on the battery size of their car.
Colin Delaney CEO of Easytrip said: “Our mission is to unearth a range of EV insights to support motorists as they consider their move to electric vehicles. We know from our last survey for example that purchase price was seen as a barrier, while low running costs are seen as an advantage. The research this month focused on the habits of EV drivers when it comes to managing their battery power, charging times and locations. This has unearthed that time management and having a home charging point are important elements to consider for those contemplating adapting to life with an EV. Whether a car purchase is an option this year, we would encourage drivers to continue doing their research and identify what fits their lifestyle best.”
Motorists that drive an EV are eligible for discounts of up to 75% on toll roads as part of Ireland’s low emissions vehicle toll incentive. Details available direct on the Easytrip.ie website. For those of you that don’t know Easytrip services also include breakdown assistance, puncture repair, parking and car wash. The Easytrip tag facilitates ease of toll payments for drivers with users saving €1 on the M50 toll fees.