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DCEV Invests €250,000 In Demystifying The EV World


E-mobility company DCEV has invested €250,000 in the creation of a new online forum for electric vehicle drivers and enthusiasts. The platform which is being dubbed a playground for EV lovers, will include independent reviews of electric cars from all brands as soon as they reach the market, and will give customers a roadmap for their potential electric purchase. The Dublin-based company built the platform to enable members of the public to ask questions about EVs, access information, and exchange stories with like-minded people. It will also include a marketplace for EV owners to sell their cars and people making the change to EV to buy. It is the only dedicated EV platform of its kind. Co-founders of DCEV, Adrian Slattery and Paul Clifford say that the company’s overall objective is to demystify tech jargon surrounding the electric vehicle industry.

Mr. Slattery commented, “We are continually hearing how daunting the purchase experience is for electric car buyers. In truth there doesn’t seem to be anyone in between the tech guy who builds the vehicle to the garage guy selling it. This is where we see ourselves – as the educators; providing honest feedback from our independent reviewers, a forum for others to relay their opinions in an open discussion – all in a bid to demystify the associated tech jargon and improve the entire purchase experience.”

“Everyone is under pressure to become more climate conscious. We’d like to help change people’s habits through education in a relaxed manner,” he added.

Its sister company, DC Motor Co has been selling luxury performance cars for over fifteen years and electric vehicles since 2015. The company also helps businesses transition their fleet to EVs.

Mr. Clifford commented, “In the last three years we have seen a huge surge in business from large companies looking to electrify their fleets. It is no secret that they are coming under immense pressure to be more environmentally conscious and green. As we are fully independent of companies and brands, we have the ability to present a full suite of options to companies, thus saving them time and resources seeking this information from various different brands.”

Sales of battery electric vehicles made up 7.8 per cent of all vehicles sold in the first nine months of 2021, while plug-in hybrid electric vehicles accounted for 7.4 per cent of all sales according to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). The organisation says there were 41,000 electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrids, in Ireland in September 2021.

The government is aiming to have 936,000 electric vehicles on Irish roads by 2030, the equivalent to one-third of the 2.8 million vehicles currently on Irish roads. For more information please log on to www.dcev.ie