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Dacia Sales Results Announced


Dacia has sold a total of 345,432 vehicles (PCs+LCVs) in H1 2023, 24.2% more than the same period in 2022. PC sales stood at 342,809 units, placing the brand’s market share at 7% in its scope, up 0.2 points year on year. The brand’s four main models posted growth in H1 2023: Spring by 38%, Sandero by 24%, Duster by 13% and Jogger by 130%. In its longest-standing core segment – sales to retail customers – Dacia has solidified its position on the European podium, where it ranked second for the first time ever with an 8.4% share.


Dacia Sandero sales rose 24% year on year to 138,978 vehicles. Sandero has been Europe’s best-selling car among retail customers since 2017.

Dacia Duster sales grew 13% compared to H1 2022, reaching 111,891 units, and this model has kept its position on the podium for SUV sales to retail customers in Europe.

The 50,569 Dacia Jogger vehicles sold in H1 2023 have pushed the total to over 100,000 units since the model launched. The hybrid powertrain continues to thrive and still accounts for over 1 in 4 customer orders.

Spring sales rose 38% year on year to 27,438 vehicles. Spring held on to its position on the podium for electric vehicle sales to retail customers in Europe.


Dacia’s sales rose 29.5% in the European PC market, which grew 17.5% overall. Dacia’s share 4.5%, increased 0.4 points from H1 2022 to H1 2023. In its longest-standing core segment – retail customers – Dacia has solidified its position on the European podium: it has climbed to 2nd place for the first time and grown its market share to 8.4%. Previously, Dacia had increased its share of PC sales to retail customers in Europe to 7.6%, a record at the time, in the full year of 2022. In France, Dacia’s largest market, the brand sold 81,415 vehicles (PC+LCV) in H1 2023, or 25% more than in H1 2022. Its share in the PC segment rose 0.7 point to 9.1%, keeping Dacia in 3rd place in this portion of the French PC market. Dacia is now the best-selling brand among retail customers, with a 16.3% share in this market segment, 1 in 6 retail customers buys a Dacia). The brand’s four main models rank among the top 10: Sandero #1, Duster #4, Spring #6 and Jogger #10.

In Italy, Dacia sold 47,798 units (PC+LCV) in the first 6 months of 2023, up 26%. Its share in the PC market inched up 0.1 point to 5.6%. Dacia’s 9.7% share in the retail customer segment in the Italian market now ranks it in first place for the first time ever. Sandero is the best-selling model among retail customers in Italy. In Germany, total PC+LCV sales reached 34,862 units, up 41% on H1 2022. Dacia’s share in the PC segment grew 0.5 points to 2.5%. Dacia posted a 5.7% share in the retail customer segment, ranking 3rd in Germany for the first time. The brand has 3 models among the top 10 in the country: Sandero ranks #3, Duster #4 and Jogger #10. PC+LCV sales also rose sharply in Spain over H1 2023: 40% to 24,816 units. Dacia’s share in the PC segment increased 0.6 point to 4.9%. Sandero is the best-selling vehicle in the Spanish market. Dacia ranks 4th for sales to retail customers, with a 9.1% share in this segment.

In Romania, the 5 best-selling in H1 2023 were Dacia models. The brand’s PC+LCV sales soared 51% to 24,733 units. Its share in the PC market stood at 33.4%, up 5.7 points year on year. Dacia’s share in the retail customers segment reached an all-time-high 40.8%.

In Ireland, Dacia passenger car sales have already surpassed sales of the full year in 2022 at the end of H1. Market share is 4.59% in H1, up 2 points vs H1 2022. Dacia is ranked #7 YTD June in the Irish PC Market; up 6 ranks year on year and the #1 brand in volume growth in the Top 10 (+109%) All models are in the Top 6 in their segments (Sandero #2, Jogger #2, Duster #6).


Dacia continued to roll out its strategy and build the sales momentum behind its 4 main models in H1 2023. They now feature the new Extreme trim level, which embodies the brand’s Outdoor values and is already an unqualified success, with orders exceeding 45,000 units in only a few months. This solidifies that customers are extremely keen on the brand’s new positioning.

Dacia is now taking this outdoor universe to new heights with the: recently announced plans to race in the World Rally-Raid Championship with prototypes racing with synthetic fuel supplied by Aramco. The highlight will be the Dakar Rally in 2025. Dacia is also becoming premier partner of the UTMB World Series and title partner on the Dacia UTMB Mont-Blanc.

Xavier Martinet, SVP, Dacia Marketing, Sales & Operations said: Dacia’s success story continues, with overall sales volumes increasing 24%. This is the first time in its history that Dacia has reached second place in the European ranking for sales to retail customers. This goes to show that our strategy matches customers’ needs. This performance also stems from the fact that our brand is changing non-stop. You can see this in our recent moves further into Outdoor territories –racing the Rally-Raid with synthetic fuels starting in 2025 and expanding our partnership with the UTMB World Series.