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Dacia & Renault Continue To Shine


Sandero 2

The Renault Group continue to soar as they have achieved a fantastic 9.52% market share for their two brands in April. This is the companies its highest positioning in five years. Year to date the passenger car market has increased by 31.9%, with Renault Group increasing by 50%. Its not all about the cars either as Renault’s popular van range was on the podium once again achieving 15.3% market share in April, and year to date over 11% of the overall van market.

The supermini Dacia Sandero was the third best-selling car in Ireland in April, and also the best-selling car in its segment, proving that the shockingly affordable brand is still high on Irish motorists’ radar. The popular Renault Clio was on the podium in 3rd place once again. The most amount of Renault cars and vans were sold in the midlands with Westmeath the best-selling county, County Laois coming in second place and County Carlow in third. Carlow sold the most Dacia cars in April, followed by County Cork and Meath.

Patrick Magee, Country Operations Manager, Renault Group:
“I am delighted with the results for April, putting Renault at its highest positioning in five years at over 9.5% of the market. Dacia has once again performed brilliantly taking 4.9% of the car market last month, and our vans are continuing to land on the podium each month. The availability of finance is once again a key element of the Group’s success and with our 26 dealerships offering finance options for individual and business customers, it’s never been easier to buy a Renault or Dacia. We have a fantastic range of cars and vans in the Group stable now which are performing extremely well in the build-up to the 152 registration period”.