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Dacia Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary in Ireland


Dacia is celebrating its second anniversary, since it was first launched in Ireland. After 18 months of Dacia registrations, over 3,000 models have been registered, these include Dusters, Sanderos, Sandero Stepways and Logans. Dacia Finance has proven successful having lent €17 million to its customers over the last 18 months.

Commenting on this news, Patrick Magee, Country Operations Manager, Dacia Ireland (Renault Group) said, “We are very proud of how successful the Dacia brand has become since launch and its arrival here 18 months ago. It does what it says on the tin, which is no nonsense motoring and gives the customer what they need, nothing more, and this is testament to the 3,000 customers we have on our roads today. It’s a great range of cars, from 4×4, to crossover, to MCV and Ireland’s most affordable car, and Dacia customers include Irish families of all sizes, taxi drivers, small business owners and city dwellers who made a clever and smart choice to buy Dacia. Our market share is on the increase and Duster passed its 1000th registration for the year to date in the first ten days of the new 142 registration period. Sandero is doing very well in its segment and overall we are happy with Dacia’s performance in just 18 months. We will keep Dacia fans up to date on any potential and existing news on the brand in the next few months”.

Further information on the full range of Dacia models can be found by visiting www.dacia.ie