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Cupra Performance Range Gets Together


Since its launch as a stand-alone brand in 2018, CUPRA has developed a complete range of high-performance vehicles, based on contemporary design and sporty performance: CUPRA Ateca, the high-performance SUV, CUPRA Leon available in both 5-door and Sportstourer variants – and CUPRA Formentor, the first model exclusively developed by the brand, a CUV with benefits of a performance car and with the qualities of an SUV.

“The CUPRA Ateca marked the brand’s entry into a new segment, becoming a great success along the way, selling over 15,000 units since its launch at the end of 2018, and allowing CUPRA to grow its position in the Ateca family – representing 15% of the mix,” said CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths“We’ve now grown the family, bringing the character of the CUPRA brand, incorporating a host of new technologies and evolving what the brand stands for. Once the range is fully available in the market, we will be able to reach one billion euros of SEAT’s total turnover”.

CUPRA will start its path towards electrification in 2020 with three high performance plug-in hybrid cars: CUPRA Formentor, CUPRA Leon and CUPRA Leon Sportstourer. And in 2021, the brand will launch its first all-electric vehicle: CUPRA el-Born.

CUPRA DNA ingrained throughout the range
CUPRA’s vehicles share an assortment of technologies, attributes and design approaches to maximise their ability to perform at the highest standards. The CUPRA range integrates the most advanced chassis and steering technologies to bring the perfect combination of dynamism and driveability to all its vehicles. With the starting point of solid, well-known chassis technologies, quick shifting DSG automatic transmissions, (with shift-by-wire systems in the CUPRA Formentor, CUPRA Leon and CUPRA Leon Sportstourer), and progressive steering that puts drivers directly in control.

Add to the mix DCC Adaptive Chassis Control, giving even greater control over the feel of the vehicle including a CUPRA-specific mode, a Differential Lock and Brembo brakes to ensure every CUPRA’s dynamics are as tuneable, assured and engaging as demanded by the segment. The CUPRA range stands out from the crowd aesthetically as well as in terms of performance. Each vehicle has its distinctive look, but also includes design elements that link them to the family.

The exterior design is emphasised and underlined using Full LED lighting technology, adding a more energetic and purposeful stance, while rear dynamic indicators bring a vibrant look.  As customers step into the vehicle, they immediately see the CUPRA welcome light, a scene setter for what is to come. Inside, standard sports bucket seats cocoon occupants and provide the feeling of being in a high-performance vehicle. Customisation is key, with a choice of colours and materials including leather, each interior can more closely reflect the customer’s personality.

Once inside, drivers will see the new CUPRA steering wheel with engine start and CUPRA mode select buttons – another indication of the vehicle’s performance – with larger paddle shifts to make changing gear more intuitive. Ahead, drivers will immediately see the Digital Cockpit with its sporty view, an exclusive, more focused display developed for CUPRA models that allows you to see the speed and revs clearer. As we live in a more digitalised world, information and connectivity solutions to keep customers in touch are a necessity. The CUPRA range integrates a range of systems to keep customers in touch. Full Link brings both wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into the cabin, while also introducing voice and gesture controls to make interaction simpler, more efficient and less distracting.

Safety is also a prerequisite and CUPRA’s range includes some of the most advanced driver assistance systems available, meaning the line-up offers the safest drive in the high-performance segment. Among the highlights are Predictive Adaptive Cruise ControlEmergency AssistTravel AssistSide and Exit Assist.

CUPRA Formentor
The latest step in CUPRA’s evolution was the unveiling of the Formentor CUV, the first model developed from the ground up by the brand. Based on the MQB Evo platform, the vehicle combines the specific DNA of the brand, designed and engineered for the future, proposing an iconic model that combines sophistication, innovation and an intuitive and dynamic driving experience. Named after the beautiful and wild cape on the Spanish island of Mallorca, in the Balearics, the body tone is reminiscent of a robust all-terrain vehicle, but the CUPRA Formentor’s design uses the aesthetic technique to lighten the vehicle’s silhouette. Unlike the rough finish on a traditional SUV, the high-performance crossover merges the all-terrain attributes, with the compactness and sporty essence of a hatchback, but in a coupe form-factor, the perfect combination.

A range of exterior colour options, including Magnetic Tech Matt and Petrol Blue Matt help increase the design cues of the vehicle, while also allowing you to personalise the vehicle to your tastes. Two high-performance powertrains provide the perfect personality to accompany the looks. A 310PS (228kW)/400Nm 4Drive 2.0 litre TSI turbocharged petrol unit provides traditional performance while plug-in hybrid technology – a 150PS (110kW) TSI petrol engine, combined with the 115 PS (85kW) electric motor – for a total output of 245PS (180kW) -, and 13kWh lithium-ion battery pack – allows the CUPRA Formentor to provide the ultimate in electrified performance but minimising its environmental impact. The Formentor can run in full electric mode for up to 60km (WLTP).

And with a chassis developed to offer the ultimate in dynamics, including DCC Dynamic Chassis Control, allowing you to select the perfect setup depending on the drive you’re undertaking through the DCC touch slider. Also, inside the cabin sits the Panoramic 12’’ floating infotainment screen, offering a range of functionality that adds a new dimension to the experience whether you’re the driver or passenger. The CUPRA Formentor is designed, developed and is the first 100% CUPRA model to be produced in Martorell, at the brand’s facilities. It will enter the market in autumn.

The five-door CUPRA Leon and CUPRA Leon Sportstourer expand the brand’s appeal even further, allowing customers to choose the vehicle that best fits their lifestyle, without needing to compromise on performance, comfort or practicality. Already an icon, the latest iteration of the high-performance compact car strengthens the brand, offering an outstanding driving experience. Its highly advanced range of powertrains, dynamic chassis technologies, and its elegant mix of sportiness and sophistication in its exterior and interior design culminate in a standout player in the segment. The range of powertrains includes 245PS (180kW), 300PS (221kW) and 310PS (228kW) (exclusively available for the Sportstourer with 4Drive) 2.0 litre TSI petrol engines that provide a breadth of performance to suit anyone’s taste. And in a world that is constantly aiming to reduce its impact on the environment, the all-new CUPRA Leon also brings electrification to the high-performance segment with a 245PS (180kW) plug-in hybrid engine.

The new CUPRA Leon will offer the ultimate in driving dynamics thanks to the attributes provided by the MQB Evo platform. With a stiffer body, and a chassis that is more tuneable thanks to the DCC Dynamic Chassis control system, which includes a CUPRA-specific mode, selectable using the DCC touch slider, the CUPRA Leon is a vehicle ready for the open road. The dynamic attributes are aided by the choice of wheels. 19” alloy wheels are available in copper or diamond finish. Colour choices extend to the exterior where options including Magnetic Tech Matt and Petrol Blue Matt bring greater focus to the design. Inside, a Petrol Blue interior helps make a bold design statement and highlight other cabin details. Other options are available for the CUPRA Leon. Black leather bucket seats (standard: textile bucket seats). And as digitalisation increases, the Panoramic 10’’ floating infotainment screen helps set the vehicle apart from others in the segment, ready for our connected future. The new CUPRA Leon is designed, developed and will be produced in Martorell, at the brand’s facilities. It will enter the market in autumn.

CUPRA Ateca 2020
The CUPRA Ateca was the first vehicle to be launched under the stand-alone high-performance brand and offered a unique proposition in the market, bringing the highest performance of any SUV outside of the premium manufacturers. Its mix of precision, sportiness, practicality and alluring design made it an amazing package, and set it up to become a huge success; the high-performance SUV was the key driver in CUPRA achieving a 72% growth year on year and preparing the market for the raft of vehicles that were to follow.

The new CUPRA Ateca 2020 continues to disrupt the market, defining what a high-performance compact SUV should deliver. Building on the groundwork already put in place from its initial launch, CUPRA has increased its allure and desire adding new technologies and features. Its evolutionary exterior design has been updated giving it a more purposeful and confident look. Inside, the cabin benefits from increased levels of comfort, practicality and an enhanced design quality.

The new CUPRA Ateca 2020 maintains its performance levels with the powerful 2.0 litre TSI engine connected to a quick-shifting seven-speed DSG transmission. The turbocharged four-cylinder unit produces 300PS (221kW) of power and 400Nm of torque, enough to reach 100km/h in just 4.9s from a standing start. The performance delivered by the engine can be matched by the unbelievable acoustics of the Akrapovič exhaust system, which provides an even more unique sound experience to the drive. The new CUPRA Ateca is designed and developed in Martorell, at the brand’s facilities and will be produced in Kvasiny (Czech Republic). It will enter the market from September 2020.