We all know the automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with a growing emphasis on sustainability and electric mobility. At the unveiling of the new BMW i5 this recently in Dublin, the new Managing Director for BMW Ireland, Helen Westby and Communications Manager Laura Condron took us through what the brand are doing and indeed how the new 5 Series has evolved into the car that it is today. As one of the leading premium car manufacturers, BMW has been at the forefront of this shift, introducing a range of electric vehicles under its “i” sub-brand. Among these, the BMW i5 stands out as a highly anticipated model that combines cutting-edge technology, impressive design, and the comfort levels we have come to expect from each and every 5 Series.

The BMW i5 is a car designed to cater to the needs of environmentally conscious consumers who seek an electric vehicle without compromising on the traditional driving experience that we have loved from the 5-Series for so many years. At the heart of the BMW i5 is its electric powertrain rather than a combustion engine. The BMW i5 eDrive40 has an electric motor located directly in the rear axle generating 340hp with a maximum torque of 400Nm or 430Nm with the Sport Boost or Launch Control function. The zero-to-100km/h sprint takes just 6.0 seconds, while the maximum speed is electronically limited to 193km/h. Its combined power consumption sits between 19.5 kWh and 15.9kWh per 100kms, which will enable drivers to travel up to 582 kilometers on a single charge.

In terms of design, the BMW i5 has followed the brand’s signature styling, blending sleek lines and aerodynamic contours with just the right amount of front grille in our opinion. The car’s exterior features a combination of lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP), to enhance efficiency and reduce overall weight. This not only contributes to improved performance but also reduces the vehicle’s carbon footprint. Inside the cabin, the i5 becomes the first BMW to be trimmed in Veganza upholstery as standard from launch. This man made material covers the seats, dashboard and door panels while the impressive BMW Interaction Bar first seen in the BMW 7 Series is now incorporated in the new BMW 5 Series. Another first is the stunning panoramic roof, which we have never seen in a 5 Series prior.

Tech lovers are catered for also with a digital experience taken to a new high with cutting-edge additions of AI-driven servicing notifications and the introduction of in-car gaming. Yes you heard that right! Now when your vehicle is charging you can pick from around 20 games to include racing, sports, quiz, simulation, strategy, and puzzle games. In terms of safety, the BMW i5 is equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems, including autonomous driving capabilities. These features will not only enhance safety but also contribute to reducing traffic congestion and improving overall efficiency on the roads. By combining cutting-edge tech, luxurious design, and a focus on sustainability, the i5 aims to redefine the concept of electric premium vehicles.

In terms of pricing, buyers will still be able to purchase a combustion powered 5 Series kicking off at €69,850 for the 520i. The i5 eDrive40 that was on display for the media is priced at €90,110 and there will be an i5 M50 xDrive with 601hp available soon for €119,210. Within these model you have a choice of three trim levels at various price walks to include M Sport, M Sport Pro and Exclusive. As always, BMW offer various finance and PCP options through their trusted dealer network. Next year we are told the BMW 530e and BMW 550e xDrive plug-in hybrid models will also join the lineup!

Like all previous model generations, the new BMW 5 Series Saloon is manufactured at the BMW Group Plant Dingolfing. In 1973, the first vehicle manufactured at the plant was a first-generation BMW 5 Series Saloon. BMW claim this new i5 is not just a car; it represents a vision of sustainable luxury and highlights the companies’ commitment to reducing emissions, conserving resources, and creating a more sustainable future for mobility. We have no doubt the BMW i5 is poised to be a game-changer in the luxury electric vehicle segment. With its blend of performance and efficiency it offers a compelling option for those looking for a large electric family saloon. The i5 marks a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future for the brand and we are looking forward to our first test drive towards the back end of this year.