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Advice From The RSA As The Thaw Comes!


Just a reminder to please remove all snow from your vehicle before you set off for work in the morning! Snow left on the roof will become loose and can drop onto the windscreen during braking, causing sudden and severe restriction to your vision. It can also fall off during your drive and cause injury to pedestrians or a reflex action by another driver. Clear windows and mirrors before you set out, use a screen scraper and de-icer. Do not use hot water on the windscreen as it can crack the glass.

In snow and icy conditions slow down, use all controls delicately and leave extra distance between you and the vehicle in front. Avoid over steering and harsh braking and harsh acceleration. Use the highest gear possible to avoid wheel spin. Select a low gear when traveling downhill especially if through bends. Road users also need to remain vigilant as the snow and ice begins to thaw. Thawing snow and slush will build up at road sides. Slow down as there may be a risk of localised flooding as the thaw starts and this will increase the risk of aquaplaning.

Visibility will be reduced as spray from vehicles is thrown onto the windscreen of your vehicle. Keep an extra distance from the vehicle in front. Ensure that your windshield washer is full. Keep your lights clear of grime and dirt. Pedestrians are reminded that footpaths may not be treated so walk with extreme care. Make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear, wear shoes or boots with appropriate traction.

Don’t walk in the streets at all costs if possible. Remember, cars and trucks slip and slide, too! If it’s an emergency, and you can’t avoid the street, wear bright or reflective clothing. Pedestrians are advised to beware of overhead hazards! Falling icicles and chunks of snow pose a serious risk. Be aware of what’s happening above you, and stay clear from the edges of buildings. And finally it’s not a good idea to go jogging in snow or icy conditions.

For advice on severe weather driving tips and weather updates, please see severe weather advice on the RSA website or check out the RSA Facebook and Twitter pages. See advice on driving in ice or snow in our series of severe weather warning videos created in collaboration with Teresa Mannion. For more weather updates visit Met Eireann’s website www.met.ie