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Toyota Yaris Hybrid


The Toyota Yaris model line-up has been complemented with the addition of the all-new Yaris Hybrid, resulting in three powertrain types within the Yaris range. This new Yaris Hybrid is the first full hybrid to enter the Irish B-segment. In order to accommodate the hybrid system into the Yaris, Toyota has downsized its engine from 1.8-litre to 1.5-litre, along with a lighter, more compact electric motor, transaxle, inverter and battery pack.

The Yaris Hybrid is available across two specifications, both suitability equipped to meet the modern driver’s needs. Both models have differentiating features to distinguish them from the regular Yaris, principally the fitment of LED daytime running lights and a slimmer upper front grille. The entry-level model features climate control, emergency brake assist, traction control, vehicle stability control and Toyota’s touch system media interface amongst many others. The Yaris Hybrid Luxury model benefits from the addition of 15” alloy wheels, partial leather seats, front fog lights, cruise control, smart start (push button) and a glove box complete with a cooler. There’s just €1,000 separating the two models, with prices commencing from €18,950.


Out test car was the high-end Luxury variant, it’s true to form too with a spacious luxurious feel to the car’s interior. There’s a great sense of space in the cabin despite the car’s external dimensions which lead you to believe it will be diminutive on the inside. The boot is also the same size (286 litres) as the regular petrol and diesel powered models. We particularly liked Toyota’s Touch System, it’s an integrated multimedia interface that’s intuitive to use and navigate your way through the various menus, it also doubles as a screen for the reversing camera. The 1.5-litre petrol engine combined with Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) combines to produce 100hp which is certainly plentiful in a car of this size. It excels at city driving and in traffic we were able to drive in full EV (electric) mode, therefore saving fuel with no engine running. The CVT transmission does take a bit of practice to enable smooth acceleration, if you press it too hard it sends the engine soaring to high revs easily. Gentle application of the throttle is the best way to progress, once you master this the Yaris Hybrid is a joy to drive and live with.


The Yaris Hybrid has a combined fuel consumption of just 3.5L/100km or 3.7L/100km for the Luxury variant. It also boasts best in class CO2 emissions, emitting just 79g/km and 85g/km of CO2, depending on which model you choose. As a city car the Yaris Hybrid makes perfect sense and will save you money on typical running costs associated with a conventional petrol or diesel powered car.

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