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Toyota Land Cruiser Price Reductions


There’s good news if you’re in the market for a new Toyota Land Cruiser Commercial, with the announcement from Toyota that it has reduced its pricing. The manual transmission Land Cruiser SWB Commercial has been reduced by €2,750 with a price of €37,995. The LWB variant has also seen a price reduction of €1,770 with a new price of €40,995. Commenting on the announcement, David Shannon, Managing Director of Toyota Ireland said, “We are very happy to kick off 2013 with some good news for 4×4 commercial buyers. The significant price drops we’ve made to three of the commercial Land Cruiser variants make them more attractive than ever thanks to the lower VRT rate. The Land Cruiser is the most sought-after 4×4 in the world and we look forward to bringing a whole new generation of Irish customers on board in 2013.”